Gu Ailing su Yiming, can “copy”

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Changsha evening news on February 9 (all media reporter Liu Jun correspondent Tan Yinglong ling west) “Yu Ru cheng, snow hunting dragon.””She’s a flying Chinese snowflake!”When Chinese girl Gu Ailing won gold in the women’s freestyle platform final at the Beijing Winter Olympics, her coming-of-age story went viral on the Internet overnight.Su Yiming of China, who is under 18, won the silver medal in the men’s snowboard slopestyle final.Their success has also made people think more about education.Story Olympic athlete’s success password “become gu Ailing’s first step, sleep 10 hours a day.”She won gold MEDALS in the Winter Olympics, finished high school early and was admitted to Stanford University, loves basketball, cross-country and other sports, and is the darling of fashion industry.Gu’s secret is to “sleep for 10 hours every night since childhood, so that you can have a lot of energy.”That’s because Gu’s mother, Gu Yan, believes that “you have to get enough sleep. If you don’t sleep enough, you have no energy to play.”In addition to “sleeping enough”, Gu also encouraged Gu to try everything interesting, such as piano, ballet, football, basketball, horse riding, volleyball…Gu Said to Gu, “You should try it. The best result is that you don’t like it, but if you like it very much, then you have earned it.”Although she is defined as a gifted girl, Gu believes her talent is only 1%.In preparation for the Winter Olympics, she trained every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., training on the snow for hours on end without eating or drinking.Try to stay focused while doing any one of those things, she says.Born in northeast China, Su yiming likes snowball fights and making snowmen since childhood. It is playing that makes him like skiing.Because of his outstanding skiing ability, he also set foot on the road of film and television, acting in many films and television works.When the Olympics were awarded to Beijing, Su decided to ski professionally from dawn to sunset, switching skis every two weeks, once four skis a week, in an extraordinary effort to win a heavy medal as a coming-of-age gift.”With the news of these children winning MEDALS at the Winter Olympics, everyone is talking about what kind of education produces other people’s children.”9, the reporter found in the interview, many parents to the Olympic athletes’ family education is very concerned.”I used to hear that the secret of successful people is to stay up late and get up early.”It doesn’t matter if you stay up late. School is more important.”…Some of the parents interviewed said they used to neglect their children’s sleep and often prioritized academic work over sleep, but their attitudes have gradually changed.Professor Zhong Yan, director of the Children’s Hospital of Hunan Province, also reminded parents not to underestimate the impact of sleep on children, because lack of sleep will have a negative impact on children’s memory, mood and so on, more prone to obesity, neurasthenia or depression, some children’s academic performance is also related to sleep.Other parents focus on the effects of love and hard work on their children.”I am willing to work hard for it because I love it.Interest and persistence are both necessary.”Luo, the parent of a junior two student, said gu’s mother Gu Yan’s educational concept of “don’t correct children’s misspellings and don’t discourage children’s creativity” and “praise them less for their intelligence and more for their efforts” also made her think more.”Under ‘double minus’, children have more time to develop interests and hobbies, and parents always want their children to be versatile, so many children have to learn passively because of their parents’ requirements.Parents can further change their views on education, talent and values to respect and protect their children’s interests so that their children have more choices for tomorrow.”Wu Jing, principal of Yuelu Experimental Primary School, said gu’s sunshine, confidence, richness and happiness attracted her most as an educator.”What parents need to give their children in education is companionship and timely guidance. The best time for education is the care and understanding parents show their children when they make mistakes, rather than teaching them how to do it.Another time is when parents use encouragement and praise to reinforce their children’s perceptions, values and ways of doing things when they are doing them right.””Let the growth of students have more possibilities.”Tang Hui, deputy principal of Yuelu Xiya Middle School, said the success of Gu Ailing and Su Yiming can be seen as the most vivid example of the combination of education and education.It is understood that the school in line with the concept of “laying a foundation for students’ lifelong development”, attaches importance to the physical and mental health of teachers and students.”Under the ‘double reduction’, we will make on-campus learning meet the diverse educational needs of students of different levels and characteristics, and let students’ learn, learn and learn well ‘.At the same time, according to the characteristics of the child, and parents to discuss how to develop a personalized growth plan for the child, light the fire in the heart of the child.”Shang Hui said.Li Xiaoli, chief school inspector of Yuelu District People’s Government, said Gu’s family education experience is worth learning, such as respecting and trusting children without setting limits or judging them, and providing her with more experiences and conditions to “discover” her interests.Behind her silently support and encourage her, accompany her to overcome difficulties, over the bottleneck period;To set a good example for children to move forward;Do not pursue success, tell the child safety is the first, do not rush for success, do not forget the fundamental, pay attention to her physical and mental health development, establish a good outlook on life, values and so on.”Of course, not all children can be, or should be, ‘Gu Ailing’. The most important thing is to respect children, discover children, cultivate children, help children, let them become the best of their own.”Li Xiaoli said.