Auto maintenance points after the holiday

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After the holiday car maintenance points sales hotline 87668897 Foshan Zhongsheng Toyota flagship store 2022-02-09 13:37 Dear Foshan Zhongsheng Toyota owners friends:My shop has been fully open for business all staff with full enthusiasm and quality service to welcome the majority of owners to serve your car, clean the dust of the Spring Festival holiday after the Spring Festival holiday, I believe that many owners are still in the aftertaste of the beautiful scenery of the journey, or aftertaste of home happy and warm picture.However, your car may already be exhausted during Spring Festival.Long distance, rain and wind blowing, all kinds of complex road conditions will have a certain impact on the use of vehicles.In order to ensure the good condition of your car, in order to better service, your car needs a careful maintenance!Cleaning the car body after the Spring Festival holiday vehicle after a long journey, the car body is easy to deposit sediment, there will be a lot of dust attached.The end of the long vacation, the first thing to do is to clean the exterior of the body, will be attached to the dust, mud and other traces of the car paint removal, so as not to stay in the car for a long time, damage the paint.Repair small injuries out of the car often not knock, some small scratches or small pits, although not to cause too much damage to the car, but after all, it is easy to become the body began to rust and even cause some small parts of the damage induced factors.For these minor injuries, after the use of high intensity during the long vacation, it is all the more necessary to give repair.Especially for those older cars, more need to pay special attention to, so as not to set small injuries into big injuries.Check chassis during the Spring Festival to visit relatives and friends, may walk a lot of ordinary unfamiliar not often go to the place, complex road conditions are likely to cause the car chassis slight touch scrape, therefore, travel back to the chassis to do a check is necessary.Detection content includes the transmission parts, suspension parts are loose or damage and chassis corrosion inspection.Maintenance tires tires are relatively easy to ignore the maintenance parts.After a long drive, thoroughly check tire pressure, four-wheel balance, and whether there are aging cracks or trauma.The cold season rubber will become hard and brittle, not only the friction coefficient will be reduced, but also more prone to air leakage and puncture than other seasons.It is recommended that the owners of long distance travel carefully clean up the inclusion in the tread, avoid the use of larger wear tires.If it is found to be completely worn, it should be replaced in time.Four tires had better be the same brand, the same pattern, the same specification.At the end of the long vacation to check whether the pressure of each tire in the specified range, if not, need to immediately check the reason, tire repair or inflation, not careless (tire pressure monitoring car can save this step).Clean interior long distance travel often makes the car interior accumulated a lot of garbage, it is necessary to do a more thorough cleaning work in the warm weather juncture.The floor MATS, seats, etc. in the car should be thoroughly cleaned.After cleaning the car, you can also check whether the connection of all parts in the car is loose, and check whether the floodlight, signal, speaker, door lock, glass elevator handle can be used normally.The normal operation of a car depends on a variety of liquids.Many car owners take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday, driving a car to play all over the world, the journey is less than hundreds of kilometers, more than thousands of kilometers.After long distance work, the various liquids of the car will inevitably leak and consume.The lack of oil, antifreeze, brake fluid and power oil can be seen by the naked eye. The general liquid level is qualified as long as it is between the upper and lower scale.Stopped vehicles also need to check during the Spring Festival, and some vehicles are in a state of suspension, some owners think the car stopped well, and no loss, there is no need to do maintenance.In fact, this is a misunderstanding, if the vehicle is not used for a long time, the surface does not seem to have any wear and tear, in fact, long-term parking will make oil, brake oil, antifreeze and other deterioration.Especially in winter, the weather is cold, if the car is parked outside, the liquid in the car is more likely to appear abnormal, while the tire and rim are also prone to deformation.So long vacation car owners should also do inspection and maintenance.In order to let you save time and worry about this shop look at the car, buy a car, replacement, license plate, insurance one-stop oh buy Toyota repair Toyota to Foshan Zhongsheng Toyota flagship store FAW Toyota certification used car trading center Foshan Sanshui District Southwest Street Nanfeng Avenue Sales Hotline: 0757-87668897 Service hotline:0757-87667763 24-hour rescue hotline: 13302811288