One of tianjin’s most popular campsites, the real Beichen Country Park, is getting better and better

2022-05-23 0 By

Hello, everyone, I am Xiao Lin Ge.Today, I would like to show you one of the most popular camping places in Tianjin — Beichen Country Park. This place is known to many Tianjin people. It is located on the Jinwu Line, near the Yongding Xinhe Bridge, and it is the largest country park in Tianjin.March and April are the best outing time, today follow the camera to have a look!I came to this park on the first day of the Qingming Festival holiday. I had expected that tianjin would be less crowded after the epidemic, but I did not expect a large number of tourists on the first day of the holiday.The park is free and has free parking, but it’s best to get there early, otherwise it’s easy to run out of parking, and there may be traffic jams when there are too many people.The park has three entrances, one main entrance, one south embankment entrance and one north embankment entrance. You can also navigate to the park, and each entrance has an adjacent parking lot.Today came here to have a picnic, kite flying people are also many, I never put up the kite people also had the addiction, there is a little wind today, kite flying is quite good.Tent people here are also quite many, children, pets are playing thief happy.There are also a lot of small vendors selling snacks, selling toys, selling balloons, the price is a little expensive, after all, it is a scenic spot.I have also been to this park before. At that time, I could not barbecue in this park, but now I can barbecue again. This is very atmospheric.So many people brought tents, and had a picnic with a few friends, fruit, cake, barbecue, and a gourmet encounter by the river. It was really nice to watch.A few of us put up a tent near the river where there were fewer people.Today people are indeed more than usual, it seems that everyone thought of a piece, kite flying, the park’s exotic flowers and plants, and children’s frolic, have added a little life color to the overall landscape.Friends who like to appreciate flowers can really come and have a look. Here you can appreciate flowers and see green.The park is beautiful with many kinds of flowers planted beside the river.There are cosmos, peach blossom, okra, wolftail grass, etc., although the peach blossom is now in twos and threes, and then it is very beautiful, is the best choice for taking photos.It may be because of the epidemic, now the entertainment facilities have not opened, but the water cart is still pretty beautiful near, with wooden corridors and small train tracks, is also very atmosphere ha, vendors Shouting ads are also very interesting, after all, listen to me all laugh.This inside ride a motorcycle, ride a bicycle also many oh, also occasionally can sweep yellow car, if also like the south Lake park, there is a ball car.Spring flowers, it is a good season for hiking, remember to go hiking in a sunny day to drink.I hope the epidemic situation in Tianjin can be controlled in this way and everyone can feel relieved to go out for air.Are there any other interesting and famous places in Tianjin?That’s all for today, thank you for watching!Welcome to pay attention to the forwarding comments, the comments section and you friends friends vernacular, see you next time, bye!