Male celebrities also look anxious?Dakang secretary appeared swollen face like steamed bread was suspected injection, too like aunt

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How bad is appearance level anxiety in the entertainment industry?Originally thought that female stars will have the appearance level of the problem, after all, to rely on the face to eat, did not expect male stars compared to female stars for the appearance of anxiety even worse, even with acting famous, do not need to rely on the face to eat the old drama bone also have this problem when the star really difficult!Still remember because of a “people’s name” and the fire of dakang secretary?Although he had acted in many productions before, it was in the Name of The People that really made him popular. Lu Yi, his co-star, was not as popular as Wu Gang, who played Da Kang.Later, Wu played the beloved and hated Chen Pingping in the then-popular “Celebration of Life,” which gave the audience a deeper understanding of Wu.It is true that the old actor plays what he does, unlike some young actors who play what he does.However, As Wu Gang enters his 60s, his face is gradually “melting”, and his swollen and deformed face makes netizens wonder whether he has moved his face, because such a condition usually occurs on the face of people who have received injections.Although we are familiar with Wu Gang, he has been more than 50 years old, there are traces of age on the face, wrinkles under the eyes are obvious non-standard.His face is also a little loose, but this is natural aging, which is better to show his acting skills.In 2022, Wu Gang is not only gradually “changing”, but also “grandma”, with facial swelling like a vegetable market aunt.What do you think about this?Image source network intrusion deletion