Yanjiang government service “suitable for aging” : the “slow” crowd in the warm “fast” era

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Along with the social aging process, “suitable” service society increasingly urgent demand, in order to “make government affairs service more suitable old options” as an opportunity to wild goose jiang district bureau of administrative examination and approval devoting into the bureau, in wider areas, more levels in the “old, old, old” service to the ground and ascension, let the elderly more temperature and life more warmth.”Senile” service into the lobby.To improve the elderly with ease and comfort, wild goose jiang district bureau of administrative examination and approval to optimize administrative service hall convenient facilities, configuration reading glasses, convenient facilities such as the medicine cabinet, wheelchair, and opening up of the elderly business to handle the priority channel, love seat, love the window, to create a warm and comfortable service environment for the elderly.At the same time, the establishment of “help the elderly volunteer service team”, with the love and patience of “old and old” to improve service quality and efficiency, to provide active guidance services for the elderly business acceptance, help to operate self-service equipment, guidance for the use of intelligent equipment, to help the elderly continue to narrow the “digital divide”.Since the beginning of this year, the “volunteer service team” has served more than 7,000 elderly people, handled more than 9,000 various matters, and carried out “intelligent guidance” for more than 1,000 elderly people.”Old” service into the home.”We are currently mainly using the Spring Festival holiday when the masses are relatively concentrated, door-to-door for travel inconvenience for the elderly, the disabled pension identity authentication, no longer need them to queue at the window, face-to-face authentication.”Kanjia town convenient service center staff said, for the convenience of the masses to handle affairs nearby, convenient service has also realized the countryside into the village, especially for the elderly and infirm groups, can be provided by the town, the village on the agent door-to-door services.With the continuous improvement of the township and village convenience service system in Yanjiang District, the whole district has established 18 town (street) level convenience service center, 314 village (community) convenience service room, social security certification, rural collective dinner on record and other 80 business is also sinking to the countryside, community to help agents,Many elderly people with mobility difficulties can be handled at home by village agents and community grid members, effectively enabling the elderly to have more sense of gain and happiness under the development of information technology and the continuous improvement of government services.”Excellent elderly” service into the courtyard dam.Since the payment of medical insurance and social security is collected by the tax department, “unable to find a place, not knowing how to pay by mobile phone” has become a difficult problem for many elderly people to handle affairs.Wild goose jiang district bureau of administrative examination and approval and great rural commercial bank co., LTD. “government + financial comprehensive service” strategic cooperation, take full advantage of the characteristics of the bank outlets throughout urban and rural areas, by the convenient service center establishment and bank branch staff dedicated volunteer team, on the premise of risk control, compliance, in view of the special groups such as older, action inconvenience,We will provide door-to-door services, such as collecting medical insurance and social security on behalf of the elderly and collecting small amounts of cash, to reduce their difficulties in going out, hearing or language impairments, and provide them with warm and convenient government services at home.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com