The city’s sub-center is taking multiple measures to ensure the spring semester starts

2022-05-22 0 By

On February 21, primary and secondary schools in the district will usher in the spring semester. Departments and schools in the city sub-center have done a good job in ensuring a safe, healthy and comfortable learning environment for students.In the Tongzhou campus of The Affiliated High School of Capital Normal University, the reporter saw that teachers had returned to their posts, thermometers, hand sanitizer and registration forms of visitors had been put in place at the school gate, and qr codes for epidemic prevention had been posted.In the corridor, cleaning personnel are mopping the floor, to store cabinets, desks and chairs in the classroom, the ground one by one for disinfection.Epidemic prevention tables are set up at the entrance of the class, with temperature guns, disinfectant and temperature registration forms.First normal university high school campus in tongzhou FanQingMei, director of the center for student management “within the holiday, we will have daily students and common living of People’s Daily health monitoring, pay attention to such a data in real time, and then achieve students daily health body temperature measurement system of reporting and zero management report, want to give their children to build a good, safe and healthy environment.”In order to ensure the smooth opening of students, the deputy center police urged the school to implement the main responsibility of safety prevention.In Guanyuan Primary School, beiyuan police station used mobile phones to show their health code and “punch in” at the service terminal. Combined with the epidemic prevention and control work, they did a good job in campus management, guided the school to establish a guard and campus internal inspection system, and implemented the work requirements of security guards with certificates, entry and exit registration, and temperature measurement.Tongzhou public Security bureau internal security detachment wenbao squadron captain Lu Tong: “we will work with the local police station to the district of more than 400 primary and secondary schools before the school campus safety inspection, mainly for four hundred percent, the campus fire prevention and epidemic prevention and other aspects of a comprehensive inspection, to ensure the absolute safety of teachers and students after the school.”Recently, the sub-center of the city, public security, education, urban management, health and other relevant departments, precise comprehensive management of the campus and surrounding, the school around the rental houses, shops and other centralized rectification, comprehensive elimination of traffic, food, disorderly selling and other safety hazards around the campus.Reporter: Han Yinli, Li Yue, Pei Lina, Wang Zhijia editor: Li Jiatong