How much do you know about the unsolved mysteries of Zhangjiajie?

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How much do you know about the unsolved mysteries of Zhangjiajie?Shen tang wan in zhangjiajie city, hunan province, is a big area of wulingyuan scenic spot, is also one of China’s four big forbidden area, the name “shen tang village”, is in the west of SuoXiYu, wulingyuan locals circulated under the “gate of hell, mo shen tang wan”, the tourists who come here look down under, what also can’t see, mountain fog diffuse, can’t see bottom, come to the valley,There was the roar of the trenches, and the sound of men calling horses, and the sound of a thousand men and horses at the bottom of the valley.Shentang Bay is a barbequed Shilin basin, which has fallen nearly 500 meters, covering an area of 50 square kilometers, surrounded by cliffs. There is no access road, shrouded in mist and cold, there is no way to the bottom of the bay, the road is so rough that you can climb almost nine vertical steps, each of which can only accommodate a pair, and at the bottom there is a deep pit,This is where the leader of the Tujia peasant uprising was defeated and there is a legend that the queen jumped to her death from the cliff here, there were people who went into Shentang Bay but didn’t go there, there are more strange legends about Shentang Bay.Legend, shen tang wan is a magical place, when it thunders, the valley will be making a strange sound, drums beat array, or soldiers yell, or hear the screams of horses, very strange, although now this situation is not reasonable scientific explanation, but there are two that shen tang wan under the deep valley, one theory is that, the sound of the wind blowing out of date from the valleys,The tsunami from the gap and the sand noise of leaves whistling through the valley, mixed with the sound of lightning from the sky, sounded like war horse No. 1, so “Yin Soldier” practicing below this is a more scientific explanation, the other is fantasy.In the big of tujia people at the age of 20 has been four years as chief, at this time of the yuan dynasty war up, people don’t live, the court continuously increase the tax of the people, established many insurgents in the riots, he as a tujia leaders see their own people the pain of being bullied, he is also very worried, if could bring people migrate to the border of easy to keep difficult tapping, set up belongs to the strategic forces of tujia,Can maintain a stable and peaceful life.In 1994, the overseas scientific test team has been in the academic research, they came down from the top of the mountain of the wire back half, only one of the mysterious missing, shen tang wan at the bottom of the situation should be quite complex, we only know the first half is in the form of the gourd, from looking down on stage, the first half can rest two small platform, but, after the second platform,No one has seen it before, no one knows what happens next, and it’s full of unknown dangers.I’ll leave you there and pick it up next time.