“Farmland is farmland, and it must be good farmland.”

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In April last year, Xi Jinping, general Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and government of China (CPC), said during an inspection tour of Guangxi, “The Party and government should strictly share responsibility for food security, consolidate the responsibility of party committees and governments at all levels to protect farmland, and steadily increase the overall grain production capacity.”Arable land is the lifeblood of food production.The General Secretary of the Communist Party of China attaches great importance to the protection of cultivated land. He reiterated that “we must strictly guard against the red line of 1.8 billion mu of cultivated land, take stiff measures to implement the strictest possible farmland protection system.””The requirements for farmland protection must be very clear. 1.8 billion mu of farmland must be worthy of its name. Farmland is farmland, and it must be good farmland.”This is a profound insight into the new situation and challenges of food security and a call for strict protection of arable land.At the beginning of the New Year, all regions and departments took active actions.We will implement the strictest possible system for protecting farmland, strictly observe the red line of hectares of cropland, and ensure that over 1,546 million hectares of permanent basic farmland is kept.We will improve the quality of arable land, speed up the development of high-standard farmland that ensures good harvests in both drought and flood and yields high and stable yields, and develop high-quality farmland with “one thousand jin and two tons of grain per season.”We will protect the ecology of arable land, give exhausted land a breather, and make solid progress in the system of crop rotation and fallow.A series of hard measures to store grain in the fields have laid a solid foundation for ensuring food security.Hard measures to grow teeth, adhere to the red line of 1.8 billion mu of arable land for food.”Farmland is farmland” requires the strictest farmland protection system to be put in place.”Arable land is our country’s most valuable resource.China’s basic national conditions, with a large population and little land, determine that we must protect arable land, which has a vital bearing on the livelihoods of more than one billion people, and make no mistake.””We must adhere to the red line of 1.8 billion hectares of arable land. We have made a military decree and we must do this. There is no room for bargaining.””Protect arable land like giant pandas.”…………………General Secretary Xi Jinping’s exhortions have translated into a firm commitment to the red line for arable land.”Today’s arable land is tomorrow’s rice bowl, and the chief farmer system strengthens the responsibility of protecting arable land.”He Qian, director of the Zhaohua District branch of the Natural Resources Bureau of Guangyuan city, Sichuan Province, introduced that the field leader’s field inspection, satellite remote sensing “sky watch” and video monitoring “real-time watch”, the more and more closely woven farmland protection supervision network, whether the land abandoned, or arbitrarily occupied farmland, can be found at the first time.Land consolidation is a “key card” of farmland protection.Walk into Pu Si village, Fa 脿 town, Shuangbai County, Yunnan Province, regular fields, spacious machine plow, it is hard to imagine that here was barren slope land.Shuangbai County made good use of the policy, completed 4 land consolidation projects, added 1500 mu of farmland, land utilization rate increased from 49.06% to 72.15%.Strengthen system support, layer upon layer compaction responsibility.New models of farmland protection such as the “farmland chief System” have been introduced. An intelligent monitoring and supervision mechanism for farmland has been established by using the Internet Plus system. Local governments have taken tough measures to ensure that farmland is farmland.As a Chinese saying goes, “farmland is farmland”, we must resolutely curb the conversion of cultivated land into non-agricultural land and prevent the conversion of cultivated land into non-grain land.In September 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed during an inspection tour in Hunan province, “We must shoulder the responsibility of stabilizing food security, steadily increasing grain production capacity, comprehensively consolidating the responsibility of farmland protection, promoting the construction of high-standard farmland, and resolutely curbing all kinds of illegal occupation of farmland.”At present, farmers in Jiangbei Township, Changsha County, Hunan Province, are ploughing and drying their fields. At an abandoned pond in Wufu Village, construction workers are busy leveling the land for the replanting of early rice.All regions and departments strictly control the use of cultivated land, actively reclaim abandoned land, develop idle winter fields, and ensure that the area sown to grain only increases.By the end of January this year, about 11 million mu of idle winter farmland had been ploughed in Jiangxi.The intended sowing area of early rice in the province is 18.3 million mu, an increase of 18,000 mu compared with last year.The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has pledged to keep the area sown to grain at 1.76 billion mu this year and strive to increase it.We will ensure that grain output continues to exceed 500 million metric tons and strive to increase it.The foundation for grain production is to develop more high-standard farmland and ensure that grain is produced, provided and provided with quality land.Farmland must be good farmland, which requires continuous improvement in the quality of farmland to ensure that grain is produced, provided and provided in a quality and affordable way.How to improve cultivated land quality?General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that “we should give priority to the protection of arable land and the improvement of soil fertility”, “build high-standard farmland, and truly realize drought and flood protection, high and stable yields”, and “take the protection of black land as a major matter to make good use of black land and improve it”.Farmland standards, stable production is guaranteed.From the lingnan region to the water towns of the South of the Yangtze River, from the granaries of the Central Plains to the black land of the northeast, efforts have been made to protect and improve the quality of cultivated land.Jiangxi allocated 4.29 billion yuan of farmland fertility protection subsidies and 420 million yuan of farmland crop rotation funds in advance this year.The reconstruction of high-standard farmland after flood damage in Henan Province is intense, inverted construction period, wall map operation;Guangxi has vigorously carried out the campaign of “PROTECTING Good Farmland for Farmers”, strengthened soil testing, field experiments and technical training, and constantly improved the quality of cultivated land.According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, by the end of this year, a total of 1 billion mu of high-standard farmland will be built in China to ensure good harvests during droughts and floods, and grain production capacity will exceed 500 million metric tons.Northeast China accounts for a quarter of the country’s grain output.The protection of black land is the ballast stone to ensure food security.On July 22, 2020, In the core demonstration area of the National Standard Production Base of green food raw materials (corn) in Lishu County, Jilin Province, General Secretary Xi Jinping, under the hot sun, stepped into the depth of the corn field, walked to the observation point of the black soil cross-section to closely observe the protection of black soil, and talked with agricultural experts present.After listening to the introduction of the pear tree model to protect the black soil, the General Secretary said earnestly, “Northeast China is one of the three black soil regions in the world, the ‘golden corn belt’ and the ‘hometown of soybeans’. At the same time, the black soil is facing the problem of overdraft of soil fertility.We must take effective measures to protect the black land, the ‘giant panda in arable land’, for future generations.”In order to nourish and improve the black land, the Implementation Plan of National Black Land Protection Project (2021-2025) clearly states that 100 million mu of black land will be protected and utilized during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. The quality of black land will be significantly improved, and the content of soil organic matter will increase by more than 10% on average.”We will ensure that the red line of 1.8 billion hectares of cultivated land is maintained, and fully develop and utilize 500 million hectares of saline-alkali land.”In response to the deterioration of cultivated land in some regions, such as acidification of cultivated land in the south and salinization of cultivated land in the north, various localities carried out comprehensive improvement and upgrading, and dug up the productivity of cultivated land.For days, at the Suidong family farm in Niuzhuang Town, Dongying City, Shandong Province, a topdressing tractor shuttles back and forth, spraying compound fertilizer from a plow.”After the deep pine, the permeability of the land is good, so that the water can be retained, and the soil fertility is fatter. The per-mu grain yield has increased from 900 jin to 1,100 jin.”Sui Yanfeng, head of the farm, said the soil’s deep pine has reduced the proportion of saline-alkali plots on the farm from 20 percent to about 5 percent, which has significantly improved the quality of farmland.Use the best technology to plant the best grain, so that fertile land more grain, produce good grain grain production is fundamentally in arable land, the way out in science and technology.Xi Jinping, general Secretary of the Communist Party of China, has pointed out that “we will accelerate the establishment of a technological system that meets the requirements of high-yield, high-quality, efficient, ecological and safe agricultural development” and “enable farmers to master advanced agricultural technologies and grow the best grain with the best technologies”.Good field with good technology, increase grain and increase efficiency.On the production line, workers are busy wrapping rice seeds.In the training class, agricultural technicians explain green planting technology to farmers seriously…In beidahuang Group to build sanjiang branch hongwei farm, spring ploughing preparation in an orderly way.On September 25, 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the Sanjiang National Agricultural Science and Technology Park in Beidahuang, stressing that “we should give more prominence to the development of agricultural science and technology, vigorously promote agricultural mechanization and intelligence, and give scientific and technological wings to agricultural modernization”.Across the country, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized winter and spring training programs, organized online and offline seminars, and launched the “Training Month campaign for Wheat to Strengthen summer Grain Harvest” and “Science and technology to Strengthen seedling”. The training boom drove the boom of spring farming.We will vigorously promote unified control of diseases and insect pests, joint prevention and control, integrated monitoring, one-game scheduling and one-map command, and strive to keep the loss rate of diseases and insect pests within 5%.Science and technology can make grain harvest more confident.Spring ploughing line, agricultural technology promotion personnel into the village, new varieties, new agronomy landing, vast fields, flat field preparation with Beidou navigation, medicine fertilization with drones, flying in the sky, running on the ground, became a good helper of farming.China’s overall mechanization rate in crop farming and harvesting reached 72 percent, the contribution of agricultural scientific and technological progress exceeded 61 percent, and nearly all improved varieties of major crops were covered, injecting a steady source of impetus into grain production.Conservation farming, soil testing and formula fertilization, green prevention and control of diseases and insect pests…Big river north and south, spring farming production “green” meaning thicker.Gansu province has promoted ecological protection, food security and industrial upgrading by combining the construction of high-standard farmland with the promotion and application of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation technology and the construction of green standardized production bases.In hilly and mountainous areas, Sichuan province has carried out the integration of good seed varieties, good methods, good system, good farmland and good opportunities in light of local conditions, and promoted the composite development model of “grain economy” and “grain economy and feeding”.As a Chinese saying goes, farmland is farmland, and it must be good farmland. In good farmland, new factors of production are gathered, new drivers of growth are stimulated, production is green, returns are improved, and the fields of hope are full of life.(Our reporters Gu Zhongyang, Chang Qin, Pang Geping, He Yong) People’s Daily (February 19, 2022 edition 01)