Chen Runer: always highlight the “top handle” this supervision focus to drive the “team” to take the new road to rush for the examination

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March 23, is the day our party “to Beijing for the examination”.Starting in 2020, the Party Committee of the autonomous region has designated this day as the kick-off day of anti-corruption Warning and Education Week.Yesterday, the Autonomous region party committee held the region’s leading cadres against corruption warning education conference, invited the Central Commission for Discipline inspection, national supervision commission regulations, Chen Yaxin, deputy director of the special guidance report, the launch of the region against corruption warning education week activities.Chen Runer, secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.Xian Hui, Cui Bo and other serving officials of the autonomous region at or above the deputy provincial level attended the meeting.Chen Yaxin made an authoritative interpretation, systematic explanation and penetrating analysis of the Opinions on Strengthening supervision of the “Top Leaders” and the Leading Groups from three aspects: the importance and necessity of formulating the Opinions, the main contents of the Opinions, and several understandings of implementing the Opinions.It makes clear the meaning of “why supervision”, the task of “what supervision” and the measures of “how supervision”, which is an in-depth education of clean government and a profound ideological baptism.Chen Runer points out, since the eighteenth congress, the party central committee with comrade xi for the core unswervingly promote the comprehensive governing party, especially establish “about to strengthen the supervision of” head “and leadership opinion”, make the focal point of supervision effectiveness is more precise and more focused, more apparent, for us to strengthen the supervision over the “head” work provides fundamental to follow.As we embark on a new journey to achieve the second Centenary Goal, the enormity of our missions and tasks, the seriousness of the risks and challenges we face, and the complexity of our great struggle have never been greater.Take a good new way to rush for the examination, all levels of “leader” in the “leader” position, shoulder the “leader” responsibility, play the role of “leader goose”.Only by highlighting the supervision focus of “no.1”, improving the supervision system and forming the supervision force can we consolidate the clean and upright political environment, ensure a stable and healthy economic environment, form a peaceful and peaceful social environment and drive the “team members” to take the new road to the examination.Chen Runer emphasizes, highlight “one handle” this supervision key, the premise lies in recognize the law.The “no. 1” is in charge of one party and one region, shouldering the responsibility and mission of guiding the right direction, grasping the overall situation and holding the key. Being in the “leading” position, he has great power, playing the “leading” role, shouldering heavy responsibilities, having the influence of “commander in chief” and facing many traps.We can see from the major cases investigated and dealt with in recent years that the problem of corruption is most likely to be caused by the “top official”, the lack of supervision is mainly caused by the “top official”, and the responsibility of enforcing strict Party self-governance falls on the “top official”.From the political and the height of the global deep understanding of the importance and urgency of paying special attention to the “head”, guide the “head” at all levels to improve political sense, political savvy, political implementation, to implement the comprehensive governing party the first responsibility, ensure and take their team, to do things by role, according to the ecru personhood, be loyal and clean, for practical clean.Chen Runer stressed that highlighting the “number one” supervision focus, the fundamental lies in strict self-discipline.It is important for the demonstration team and the leading team to strengthen self-discipline, so we must guard the line, establish a ruler and set a good benchmark.The “no. 1” should not become a “hegemon”. He should make decisions with his word, employ people with his word, and spend money with his pen.A “no. 1” should not become a “pickpocket”, who is greedy for personal gain, embezzles bribes and perverts the law.The “no. 1 handle” cannot be a “afraid hand” that dare not supervise or criticize others for fear of taking responsibility, losing “votes” or hurting “harmony”.We must uphold justice, cultivate the great virtue of being loyal to the Party, the public morality of benefiting the people, be strict with ourselves, and build ourselves on faith, character and hard work.We need to promote integrity, foster cohesion among the people, foster immunity against unhealthy trends, stimulate fighting capacity to forge ahead, and radiate the appeal of demonstrating ourselves to others.To be honest, honest and aboveboard to comrades, adhere to the principles of the cause, abide by the rules, serious moral discipline, hate evil.Chen Runer stressed that highlighting the “number one” supervision focus, the key lies in increasing efforts.We need to strengthen oversight over the appointment of top officials, urge them to comply with standards for cadres and the regulations on the selection and appointment of cadres, and ensure that the selected officials are assured by their organizations, satisfied by the people, and convinced by their convictions.We need to strengthen oversight over the use of power by top officials, and seriously investigate and prosecute cases where power is derailment, power is out of control, and power is abused. We need to urge top officials to exercise power fairly, in accordance with the law, for the people, and honestly.We need to strengthen oversight over the use of money by top officials, tighten financial discipline, strengthen oversight through auditing, and standardize examination and approval oversight. We need to urge top officials to act in accordance with rules, principles, and procedures, and ensure that “good steel” is used where its edge is.At the meeting, Ai Juntao, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Autonomous Region, and director of the Supervisory Commission of the Autonomous Region, reported the typical cases of discipline and law violations of party members and leading officials in 2021.The meeting will be held by video.Autonomous region set up the main venue, autonomous region party school and each city, county (district) set up a sub-venue.District departments and bureaus, district committees of democratic parties, people’s organizations, directly affiliated institutions, central units stationed in Ningxia, and major responsible comrades of large enterprises attended the meeting at the main venue.(Reporter Ma Xiaofang, Ma Yue)