Big vision generation founder Bai Yushan won the video number 2021 annual influencers TOP30

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On December 26, 2021, the video number industry service pioneer “New vision” jointly hosted by “G20 YEA”, “Communication University of China Internet Information Research Institute” to provide academic support, “new list” to provide data support video number 2021 Gold List annual influencers live press conference held in Beijing grand.At the conference, the list of influential anchors and bloggers of the year was solemnly announced. Bai Yushan, founder of Daishi generation and author of “Video Digging Gold”, was awarded the TOP 30 influential bloggers of 2021!The gold depending on the list for player is arguably represents WeChat video platform blogger/the peak power of the host, the annual selection activity depends on the communication university of China formally established scientific research project, based on the ecological research of video, and personally led by Mr. Cao three provinces in the process of completing a number for video transmission series of main properties,In particular, it conducts relatively scientific and accurate research on the current innovation mode and influence, and carries out systematic research on the field of “bloggers” in 2021.By collecting the data of the whole network, the data of video number bloggers in five dimensions are sorted out.Bai Yushan the award, it is this year as having made in the field of video, influence, her fans from 0 to accumulate quality flow pool, was named the gold top 10 list of Internet blogger, gold award for the best dry v number list video, was rated as the kingdee organization community view generation award for best community organizations, the most influential video institutions, single number field video live cargo 26 w,At present, the students have exceeded ten thousand.At present, he has published two books, Namely “Digging Gold for Video” and “Reinventing Human Design”, both of which have sold more than 10,000 copies.Founded the short video live service platform Dashi Generation, incubated outstanding creators and anchors, and cooperated with more than 1,000 bloggers.To provide high-quality exposure and solutions for enterprises and brands, has cooperated with Tencent, 360, Youzan, Aizou, Pacific Insurance, Luxury car poison, happy egg, Natural mountain, Qiyuangfang hairy Crab and other well-known brands.At the same time, it also helps the development of the short video live broadcasting industry. It has held the video Number 100 industry Ecological Summit and the annual ceremony of the short video live broadcasting industry, and launched the Video number ecological Industry Alliance. The members of the committee include Xu Danai, Liu Xingliang, luxury car poison old Ji and other industry giants.This award is both recognition and encouragement, and the future will be long. Bai Yushan said that she would always stick to her own ideas and move forward all the way, so that the platform of Dashida can bring more creators and anchors to make better achievements, provide solutions for more enterprises and increase brand exposure.Source: Xianning News network