Be the hero of the world, your little friend

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Everybody is good!I am Geng, a student who loves novels. My strong desire to share prompts me to tweet to you!If you also like to read novels, please follow me!Xiao Geng’s novels are all written and finished by himself. They are all of different types, such as urban literature, farming literature, era literature, imperial examination literature, and wearing books.Now, let’s look at the novel happily!Today’s twitter “movie emperor was forced to life and death, coax to kiss” by lut lost male master is Japanese armor, she is male master plug-in.Be a hero to the world, your little friend.️ you are my blatant love.– Ji Heng ️ You are my only exception to the preference.Shi Ran female main: Shi Ran – previous life born in the richest du Wang family, boss, soul wear parallel time and space full network black scene female star (in fact, is the top rich family baby), the field of information technology big guy (by guo home protection that kind).In front of the outsider super A, in front of the male master is A soft MOE naughty girl, but also like to knock CP male master: Ji Heng – best actor, hidden big guy, pure qingcold restraint, super deep feeling.Reading impressions: The novel is set very interesting, the male and female protagonists are coincidentally bound with concentric bond, but not completely bound, leading to the female protagonists occupy a dominant position, can feel each other’s emotions, can not hurt each other, the female protagonists hurt, they suffer.Every time not angry, secretly pinched himself ha ha ha.She’s aunt pain, the pain of giving birth to children will also pain in men.The relationship between men and women as well as feelings are the kind of very comfortable sweet, the male master too flirted ah ah ah ah ah!️ the men and women in the middle because of the concentric agreement to solve the puzzle made a little bit of a little awkward (no cold war what, or normal), the men do not want to untie, afraid of feelings will dissipate, will become strangers;She wanted to untie, because do not want to let men have been suffering pain wronged.But don’t worry. It’ll be over soon.If you like xiao Geng’s novel, please click and collect it.You want to see which type also can leave a message to tell me!See you next time!I wish you like to see the little lovely good things, happy!