Wake up, Wuxi official notification and found 3 initial screening positive personnel

2022-05-21 0 By

I woke up to notice No. 68 issued at 3 am in Wuxi: three more positive cases were found among the control staff at the centralized quarantine point.In addition to the school chain, there are now many more complex chains of transmission.1, domestic service infection chain, first 3’s husband, then 3’s customer — a mother and child.2. On the client’s side, Case no. 8 went to Murata Electronics for a two-day shift.I took a ride-hailing ride to pick up my kids from childcare.It is not hard to find that the asymptomatic cases confirmed in Wuxi were all found among quarantined people, that is to say, at the beginning of the transmission chain, indicating that the route of transmission has been blocked in time.For novel Coronavirus, the fear is that when the virus is not always on the same chain of transmission, suddenly there are new chains of transmission in between.Wuxi responded to the epidemic very quickly, actively and effectively, without dragging its feet at all.At the same time, the quality of wuxi citizens is relatively high, can actively respond to the call of relevant departments to cooperate with the work.I would like to commend the epidemic prevention workers in Wuxi, who are still working in the early hours of the morning