The renewal ceremony of the Protocol of the Chinese Medical Team to Sudan and the handover ceremony of medical equipment provided by the Chinese government to Sudan were held

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Khartoum, April 5 (People’s Daily Online) — The renewal ceremony of the Protocol of The Chinese medical team to Sudan and the handover ceremony of medical equipment provided by the Chinese government to Sudan were held in Sudan on April 4.Ambassador Ma Xinmin and Federal Minister of Health Haisam signed the protocol and the handover certificate on behalf of the Chinese and Sudanese governments respectively. Dai Wenxue, captain of the 36th medical team from China (Shaanxi) to Sudan, and officials from the Ministry of Health and Foreign Affairs of Sudan and The Federal Government attended the ceremony.Ambassador Ma said that medical and health cooperation is a vivid witness of the profound friendship between China and Sudan.Over the past 50 years, China has sent 1,065 medical personnel to Sudan, treated more than 8.27 million patients and performed nearly 220,000 operations, filling in many gaps in Sudan’s medical field.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, China and Sudan have made great efforts to fight the epidemic. China was the first country to send a medical team to Sudan, and the first country to provide COVID-19 vaccine assistance to Sudan through bilateral channels. The medical team has been actively engaged in the local fight against the epidemic, demonstrating the noble spirit of Chinese doctors with fearlessness and responsibility.Going forward, China is ready to further strengthen bilateral exchanges and cooperation in the medical and health field, provide more vaccine assistance and make positive contributions to helping Sudan defeat the epidemic at an early date.Ambassador Ma said that today, we are handing over to the Federal Ministry of Health the first batch of medical equipment donated by the Chinese government under the China-Sudan PAIRup Cooperation Hospital Mechanism. We sincerely hope that these equipment will contribute to the improvement of Sudan’s public health governance capacity and add to the friendship between the Chinese and Sudanese people.Haysam said that over the past 50 years, The Chinese medical teams have helped Sudan improve its medical and health standards and won the love and trust of the Sudanese people, for which Sudan is sincerely grateful.At a critical moment in Sudan’s fight against the epidemic, China sent a medical team to share its experience and donated COVID-19 vaccines and supplies, which was deeply appreciated by Sudan.Today, the protocol of The Chinese Medical team to Sudan has been successfully renewed and the Chinese government has successfully handed over medical equipment to Sudan. I hope this will become a new milestone in medical and health cooperation between Sudan and China and open a new chapter of friendship between the two countries and peoples.