Tao Te Ching: The weak is better than the strong

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Tao Te Ching, chapter 78: the world is not weak than water, but to conquer the strong, mo can win, because it is not easy.Weak is stronger than strong, soft is stronger, the world does not know, do not.Is a saint cloud, by the scale of the country is called the Lord of the country;He is the king of the world.A right word is a wrong word.It is telling us that water is the only thing in the world that can be obeyed by things because of their straightness and radius.And the flow of big things, turning big stones, through the Valley of Turling, floating heaven and earth, only water for energy, is to overcome the strong.Here, we can review the nine virtues of water described in Chapter 8 of Tao Te Ching: Be good for all things, do not fight, live in a good place, have a good heart, be good for benevolence, speak well and believe well, govern well, act well and act well….Therefore, if man can imitate the virtue of water and apply it to the world, he should be able to achieve the result that mo can win.”The weak are stronger than the strong, and the strong cannot die.” Although we may know this truth, but really can achieve the unity of knowledge and action is as rare as rare.Therefore, the sages who follow the path understand “leadership” in this way: external traitors, internal scoundrels, and even disrespecting the king’s law, disloyalty and unfilial piety, all of which are the dirt of the country.He who does not blame the people, but will blame himself, will suffer from the country’s dirt…Too much drought, too much waterlogging, pestilence locusts die, even famine and displacement, are the ominous country.Do not count the hearts of the people, will be said to a man is not good.Not to blame the morale of the people, and all blame on their own, by the country’s ominous.”To put it bluntly: those who govern their country should regard the death and calamity of their country as their own fault, and not blame others.Only by turning to ourselves can we take the initiative to reform and regain the support of the people.On the other hand, if we only complain about the unpopularity of the people and blame the world for how difficult it is, we may lose sight of these opportunities for intellectual growth and leadership.The last sentence “if the words are contrary”, I always feel a kind of incompatible with the above feeling.But this sentence applies to the entire Tao Te Ching.My understanding of this sentence is: suitable for road rules and principles of sound with secular thinking is opposite our ordinary people, such as “affictions blessing xi”, “from”, “weak strong”, “saint place doing nothing, not the teaching of” and so on, run counter to human nature is the sum of sound, but it reflects the heaven.People, if they want to achieve a great career, they must “obey heaven and oppose man”, that is, comply with heaven and oppose humanity.What is the way of Heaven:Song is, baying is straight boom is full, we are new, less, more confused, know the male keep its female know its white: the black is known by its glorious keep its shame is increasingly, WeiDaoRiSun personnel cure days r increase power is low to go very much Thai goodness, thrifty, unimportance since birth has not since the felling not pride not since see not since you don’t have a bullying, not for the generous but not cut, but not Gui straight but not boss, light without yao for nothingContent for the matter no matter know not wu not angry and not arguing….Conversely, it is human nature.The so-called elephant, the world to, the road blunt and use or not surplus.Hold the road and do, our generation can not fight and win, no body is not dangerous.