Rural revitalization is underway | my teacher Yang Yunbao

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In all walks of life, there is a tradition of tutors and apprentices, but there may not be many teachers for cadres stationed in villages.I am Fu Ling, one of the first beneficiaries of the innovative implementation of the “teacher help” system in Hanyin County.My teacher, Yang Yunbao, is the leader in charge of my unit. Coincidentally, he is also in charge of the follow-up support for the relocation of the whole county. The community I am stationed in also happens to be a large and medium-sized centralized resettlement community with more than 800 people in the county.On August 27, 2021, with the trust of the party members of the county development and reform Bureau, with the expectations of the bureau leaders and colleagues, I came to pingliang Town xinglong Jiayyuan relocation community as the first secretary.At the beginning of the beginning, see a flickering towering buildings neat and beautiful, a spacious road in all directions, a bright office, full of happiness arises naturally, but as the depth of the work, confusion also followed.I clearly remember that day — a noon on September 6.Knocked at…”I am a resident of unit 2, building 4, from yihe village, I submitted the application for subsistence allowance in the community in the early stage, why others have, I do not……”Hello, I am the new first secretary of this community, don’t be excited, today you reflect, I have recorded one by one, you first go back, please give me a little time to understand the reason of the matter, you come back in a few days, ok?”Looking at his far back, as no grass-roots work experience I took a deep breath, a inexplicable panic welled up in my mind.When I was a worry mo exhibition, “master help” let my heart hold, gentle and firm.”These are some policy documents on consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation efforts and effectively linking them with rural vitalization. As you are new to your community work, you may not know much about it. You should use your spare time to learn more and speed up your role transformation.In addition, remember to do grassroots work, sweet mouth, legs to diligent, sincere heart, to become one with the masses, “master Yang Yunbao said.Under the influence of the master, I gradually understand the “paper come zhongjue shallow, that this to practice” truth.In the actual work, I formed the habit of paying attention to personal experience and serving the masses from the little things, so that I quickly adapted to the new job, and the community “two committees” to establish a communication atmosphere of mutual trust, increased the ability to deal with the masses.In September, combining with the history of the party to learn education “I does the practical work for the masses” practice, focus on Chinese dynamic monitoring management, relying on the “321” grassroots governance mode, implement each package catch a building, community cadres, by field visits to understand the needs of the grassroots, established the booming jia yuan community mainly concerned about the focus groups working parameter “,From community management to community governance, I took the first step and found the right entry point for grassroots work. My master opened the first door for me.– “Help” in various ways to enhance the entrepreneurial ability of the officer has a feeling, from the call of duty;There is a complex, began in peace and contentment;There is a kind of friendship, hand in hand for common development…”You see, walk into this thousand mu sericulture demonstration industrial park base, one industrial road winding up, one silkworm house strewn at random have send, as the first secretary in the community of you, have any plan or plan?”, teacher gives three Suggestions: first to get the gripper, comprehended HanYin promote change of relocation follow-up support “138” model, in order to “diversity” party construction work standardization and regularization and activities, and communities in each other through the share party branch activities, antithetical couplet, view, discuss development, give full play to the role of the party branch battle stronghold.Second, we must plan, carefully study the community’s actual situation and the development needs, focusing on “have to live, can get rich, fast into the” three key, adhere to the industrial development and the stable employment as the guidance, because ShiCe area condition, classification, as a whole to consolidate effective connection with country revitalization of poverty alleviation achievements, for the community to promote rural revitalization plan.Third, we should strengthen our services, always keep in mind the purpose of serving the people, communicate with the masses more, listen to their aspirations, record their wishes, solve their difficulties, help relocated people to integrate into the community as soon as possible, and effectively enhance the sense of happiness and gain of the masses.As the saying goes, “When a train runs fast, it all depends on the head.”Under the guidance of my master, I gradually learned to focus on my work calmly and without distractions, just like a nail, saying and doing exactly what I decided to do, one hammer after another.Actively strive to help the unit fund 40,000 yuan, open community meals and implement accommodation conditions, let everyone feel at ease in the work.It has formulated the Implementation Plan for Rural revitalization, the Division of Responsibilities of the “Four Teams”, and the Municipal Observation Plan for grassroots Reform and Innovation of the “Triad” Working Mechanism of Xinglong Jiayuan Community in Pingliang Town, forming a joint force for rural revitalization.The successful completion of the community held in Ankang city “three joint” work on-site meeting, Shaanxi Province “three changes” reform on-site meeting, provincial first Secretary ability and quality improvement demonstration training class on-site meeting, the central media research sericulture industry to drive the relocation of the masses and other work, and won praise.Lead by example “belt”, ignite the enthusiasm of cadre officer a party member is a banner, a branch is a fortress;Action is the most powerful impetus, and demonstration is the most vivid example.The teacher said, “It is better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish.”On November 11, 2021, in the teacher group, led by my team member to study TieFoSi town and village and community FuZhi FuZhi moral construction bank, listen to the village of moral bank construction plan formulation, the villagers, head of the propaganda launch, awarding mechanism, source of prizes such as detailed introduction, through the exchange of learning, make us confident,He clarified his thoughts on the cultivation of community civilized village style and the construction of moral bank, and actively coordinated and implemented the community moral bank fund of 30,000 yuan, which laid a solid foundation for the community to carry out the construction of new folk style.This kind of “wisdom” in work is also reflected in the teacher’s guidance to me.Shifu never denies or criticizes others, but always guides us in a way of encouragement and inspiration.Shifang often says that how to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, let more people embed in the industrial chain, and increase the income of relocated people is the starting point of community cadres’ work.To crack this problem, the teacher deep thinking, adjust measures to local conditions on the goal, to “repair chain, chain, chain extension” as the focus, to guide the community to promote the party branch + professional cooperative + farmer “pattern of industrial development, funds for the new silkworm breeding field, two layers of steel frame structure has been identified as elite silkworm breeding base,And ankang city silkworm seed factory signed a long-term cooperation agreement, the implementation of order production, cocoon bottom recovery.In 2021, 206 silkworms were raised and 20,000 chickens were raised under the forest. The total income was 2.375 million yuan, and the collective economic income of the community was 330,000 yuan. Dividends were paid to 459 shareholders of the cooperative, and the goal of steadily increasing people’s income was realized.Under the teacher’s words and deeds, let my work ideas and vision more open.I am very lucky to meet such a teacher. I will work hard and make unremitting efforts to realize the “dream of living in peace” and do my best in community management and follow-up development.(Correspondent Fu Ling and Chen Wei) [Responsible Editor: Liang Commission for Discipline Inspection]