Not to spoil you!Car min kui after cleaning the podium, who pay attention to Zhang Hong’s reaction, a little face not to him

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Last night the men’s 500 m speed skating is also very good, as the Chinese team leader of speed skating, Gao Ting yu is to win big popular, the audience is also many of them are to cheer for him, yesterday’s game, Gao Ting yu was arranged in the seventh group, but it did not affect his play, direct dialogue with the polish contestant,Gao opened the gap quickly.Since then he has been holding up Olympic record in the slide, and finally in the audience roared, Gao Ting yu time 32 of the 34 seconds broke the Olympic record and then play against other players, also failed to transcend Gao Ting yu, finally he is out on the gold medal, this is also a Chinese man speed skating history’s first gold medal,After the race, he was also excited to carry the national flag around the field, just like Zhang Hong did eight years ago.And MEDALS from link after the game, zhang hong is also become the guest, such an arrangement is a kind of inheritance, but give 2 Korean player in car 旼 before kratos award, he also made a remarkable move, in front of the stage, he is also bent down, with his hand gently wipe the podium, although the action is very small, but many of the viewers, watching liveOr see this moment, many people also think of 4 years ago in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the Canadian team of 4 players is collective to make this cleaning action, when they connotation is the host and the referee’s judgment, did not expect this car min-kui to learn.Presenters is next to the players, zhang hong impossible 旼 didn’t see the car’s this action, but the award goes on, zhang hong is also carried out in accordance with the program awards, but in the face of such movement south koreans, zhang hong and make their own response, in the car 旼 kratos away after his silver medal, zhang hong and whispered to him, then turned to leave, directlyWithout saying any more words, she left directly with a face of disgust. No one is used to you, and your actions will naturally be punished by someone. As a contrast, Zhang Hong is really concerned about her younger brother Gao Tingyu.After the last one awarded Gao Ting yu, zhang hong is also a long time refused to leave, always see Gao Ting yu hang gold medal, zhang hong is still a gold medal for this man, very don’t give up, do not want to leave away, compare the attitude towards the south koreans, zhang hong this reaction is very true, is really a little face to the south Korean people,Who are you mocking when koreans wipe the podium for such an uncontroversial decision as speed skating?After the game, Gao Tingyu in an interview, is also domineering response said: “the game is to do the real thing, at home, no one is used to who!”Although he did not say so explicitly, we all knew to whom Gao Tingyu had spoken!For more highlights, follow the sports show