Can China make 2 gold every day?Gu Ailing shock individual 2 gold Su Yiming big platform for gold

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Gu Ailing the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will produce nine gold MEDALS on Thursday, and China has a chance to compete for two gold MEDALS.Gu Is aiming for a second gold medal in the women’s freestyle slopestyle final, while Su yiming is aiming for a better finish in the men’s snowboard platform.On this day, the focus of the Chinese audience is bound to be on the snow events, as the Chinese team’s most competitive events are on snow.Gu will compete in the women’s slopestyle final, an event gu is more adept at than the big jump, where she won the world title in 2021 as well as the x Athletes event, making her one of the favorites at the Olympics.But in the Olympic Games, every athlete will take out his highest difficulty.Gu scored 84.23 points to win at last year’s world championships, and 86.15 points scored by Estonian Siirdaru and 86 points scored by Norway’s Kiri in the Olympic qualifying rounds mean she will face a bigger test in the final.From the previous big platform competition, Gu Ailing is not afraid to compete with strong players, she also dares to go on the difficulty, I believe there will be a drama in the final.In addition to these three players, The Russian Olympic team’s Tatalina can not be ignored.When Gu’s competition is over, eyes can turn to the men’s snowboard platform final, in which Su yiming will compete.Su ranked fifth in the qualifying round to advance to the final, the same position gu placed in the preliminary round of the platform. It is not known if Su will have the last laugh like Gu did in the final.Previously in the slopestyle competition, Su Yiming silver let many people regret, but he is better at the big platform project, which can not help but make people look forward to his performance.Parrott and McMorris of Canada, Steven Gerrard of the United States, Ken Otsuka of Japan and others will be Su’s strong rivals for a medal or even a gold medal.In addition to these two events, China’s other gold medal events in the strength of the mediocre, it is difficult to launch a medal impact, the more practical goal is to fight for a better ranking, refresh their best results.Jung will appear in the final of the women’s snowboard grand jump as she makes her debut on the world stage.China’s Zhao Jiwen will be competing in Nordic combined for the first time. It may not be as good, but it will be a breakthrough.The men’s and women’s curling will continue to play in a round-robin tournament, with the Chinese men’s team facing a one-day doubleheader against Canada and Norway.Although the hope of advancing to the semifinals is very slim, but China still can not give up, they have to play their level, to create enough trouble for the world’s top teams.The Chinese women’s team will meet the Russian And Austrian team, which is currently winless, which will be a good chance for China to grab the points.For the Chinese women’s team, they can’t afford to lose either, and must win their last three games to have any chance of qualifying for the semifinals.The men’s ice hockey team will enter the qualifying round, The Chinese team will meet Canada again, the strength gap between the two sides is obvious, the Chinese team can do is to reduce the loss of goals, as much as possible to create problems for the opponent.Women’s figure skating, Russia’s dominant sport, will begin, and the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s ruling that Valieva can continue to compete in Beijing will strengthen the team’s dominance.