Warmly celebrate the complete success of guizhou Health Science and Technology Association dietary health seminar!

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On February 12, 2022, health science and technology association of professional committee of the dietary regimen in guizhou seminar was held in guiyang city, the group has health care association for science and technology in guizhou WuPeiLin, secretary-general of the high yet 嬑, dietary health professional committee of experts, stone town hao, director of the guizhou province catering chamber of commerce, vice chairman, baiyun district catering association wei-ping guo,Xing Yan, deputy secretary general of Guizhou Guizhou Cuisine Professional Committee of China Food Culture Research Association, chairman of Guizhou Food First Food culture Catering Co., LTD., and Liu Qianxun, senior food culture person of Guizhou Province, one of the chief editors of “Guizhou Cuisine Classic” and co-head of “Guizhou Cuisine Standard”, etc., have more than 30 people.According to introduction, the diet health professional committee is the guizhou Health science and Technology Association, is specialized in prevention, health care, rehabilitation, health consulting, health drinks, food research, consultation, publicity, education, demonstration and promotion of health food and beverage industry professional institutions.The purpose is to mobilize social forces and the use of the province’s expert resources, through the rational diet and other theoretical system to solve the relationship between food and health, healthy diet, health and other fields of scientific research, prevention, publicity, education, market research and healthy diet industry to promote guidance and other comprehensive services.(Qiu Te zhang Bo Zhang Fuqing)