On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, welcome the God of kitchen and the God of wealth. Don’t forget to “avoid 4 things to eat 2 kinds”, and connect to good luck and wealth

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Spring Festival is the first one hundred festivals, almost every day is a small festival or there are traditional customs to do, the first day to worship the New Year, the second day to go home, the third day is red dog Day, then came to the fourth day of the first month, and what customs need to know?On the fourth day of the first lunar month, according to the tradition, people welcome the God of kitchen and the God of wealth at home. There are also some dietary customs and taboos. Don’t forget to eat two kinds of food for four things.Meet kitchen according to folklore, it is also known as the kitchen god, is responsible for running each in heaven, on the twelfth month this day, it is the heavens will be protected by monitoring a all of things happened in the year to report to the jade emperor, decide next year is for the people down blessing or a disaster, it is hoped that it can in front of the jade emperor said more good things,On this day, sweet and sticky food will be placed in front of the Idol of the Kitchen God to stick the mouth of the Kitchen God. Only god says good things, and the lower world brings good luck to the family.After the Kitchen God reports, he returns to the people on the fourth day of the New Year.People will burn incense in the afternoon or evening, put on a rich meal, fruit as tribute, at the same time every family set off firecrackers, burning gold paper, to welcome the kitchen god to return to the home, to show the importance of the kitchen God, hope that the Kitchen God can continue to bless the family in the New Year in peace, good luck and happiness.Pick five road, the god of wealth legend January 4 this day was the day of the gods to return to earth from the sky, people need to pick up five road, five line this refers to the five road god, then gradually turned into five ways god of wealth, influenced by the concept of the five elements, five line of wood, fire and water are corresponding to the five directions, north and south, east and west, worship the god of wealth is represented in five road five parties of goods.Because folk have “god send early, late”, after five road, the god of wealth is arranged in the afternoon and evening this time, clean the house health, fresh fruit, pastries, chickens, fish and other placed on worship, of a main joss sticks in five directions please god, and welcomes the arrival of the god of wealth, five road bless make a fortune in the New Year, revenue prosperity and good luck.January 4 remember this four taboo 1, avoid is out of town folk belief, January 4 day from heaven god returned home, want to check account number to register, to certify the families of every people should be kept in the home, lest be missed, then be blame god, so it should not be out of town, even to go out to also want to hurry home the night before as soon as possible.2, avoid sheep in the folk legend, Nu Wa from the first day to the sixth day respectively created six kinds of animals, yue: “a chicken two dogs, three pigs four sheep, five cattle six horses.”The fourth day of the first lunar month is the auspicious day of sanyang Opening, also known as the birthday of the sheep. It is forbidden to kill a sheep on the fourth day, because it is unlucky to kill an animal at the beginning of the New Year.3, avoid throwing things in everyday life, something fell one million, it is not good, has the meaning of “broken”, as it broke the cup has been described as “grief” (cup) play, the ancients thought in the New Year’s day when the initial break things more without good moral, if they were broken in the first month, must be timely recite two sentences “suisui peace” auspicious words,Break through bad omens by wrapping broken items in red paper.4, avoid quarrel during the Spring Festival remember to say more auspicious words, do not quarrel with people, otherwise the next year will be easy to quarrel with people, life is not smooth.Especially on the fourth day of the first month, the gods, to meet the kitchen God and five road god of wealth lamp, kitchen god in return home to see someone quarrel, will not be happy, the next year to report again will not say good things.January 4 remember 1 2 kinds of food eaten, eat eat SheLuo SheLuo also called “food”, as its name implies “fold together food”, the earliest time, people’s living condition is not so good, meet, funerals eat mat, after eating the leftover food is poured into a big basin, and finally bring the bowls of food home a stew, all kinds of dishes taste together,It is also a delicious taste on the tongue.During the Spring Festival, the basic starting the New Year’s eve every day can eat to the rich, delicious food, mostly eat, but home have relatives and friends to pay New Year call a guest, also cannot be leftovers the table, such as the annual 4 after receiving the relatives, will put together all the leftovers, stew into a potpourri of eat, 4 day one-time finish eating, said waste not, meaning keep the wealth,Do not let the wealth outflow, also have more than every year, the New Year do not worry about food and clothing meaning.2, many people have heard of “the first day of the second dumpling, the third day of the zizhi turn home” this saying, in fact, many places spread behind this sentence there are half a sentence, that is, “the fourth day of the pancake egg”.Pancakes in the north is every family can often have a kind of pastry food, the annual speculation on this day, in the face of kitchen, each will be branded pie, according to be fond of in bread with some chopped green onion and leek, finally lay an egg, bread and egg aroma is very attractive, some people will put in to meet the offerings of god on the flipping good egg cake, welcomes the kitchen god home.Lao Jing said that on the fourth day of the first lunar month, some places will also worship the arrival of the earth god and bless the New Year with a good harvest.If you like to share such folk culture, you can continue to pay attention to learn more about Traditional Chinese culture together.I am the market foraging record, and the world for many years, still glorious, still interested!Daily update food menu and market life, pay attention to me, enjoy comfortable life do not get lost.