Girl transfers 29,000 yuan to scammer without her mother’s knowledge!Ending god turn!

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Parents with children who use your phone to surf the Internet should be on their guard.Recently, Ms. Zhu (pseudonym) came to suzhou Changshu Municipal Public Security Bureau Binjiang police Station to report to the police that her 11-year-old daughter was cheated of 29,098 yuan.Ms zhu told police, on the morning of the same, there is a self-proclaimed “zhengzhou police captain”, and add the daughter qiqi QQ (a pseudonym), said in the game check get the skin at her father irregularities, her father to grasp to go to jail, now need to kiki video chat with him for the next step operation, will lift the account is unusual, and it need to be kept secret.Kiki due to the fear that his father was arrested began to panic had to say that the cheater on the psychology of teenagers is really a dead grip: then, Kiki according to the instructions of the other side with his mother’s mobile phone “untying” operation, the mother bank card balance to the designated account of the other side, but the need to brush face to transfer operation.So Kiki went to her mother and asked her to brush her face.Haven’t had time to respond to Ms. Zhu, immediately received three bank debit reminder, asked that her daughter may have suffered fraud, so the police for help.When the police to check the mobile phone was surprised to find that after ms zhu unskillful kiki operating mobile phone put the money in the bank card in the mother’s pay treasure liar did not succeed after the event, police anti cheat propaganda to ms zhu and his daughter, and remind ms zhu don’t put the mobile payment password and disclose the information such as bank card password to children, in case of damage to property.Ok is a false alarm winter vacation coming to increase in the number of scam began eight students most easy legerdemain 01 game equipment business class fraud when you meet someone in the chat interface, QQ group game platforms such as buying and selling game equipment, accounts, game currency of advertising information, not credulous top-up “low” and “high prices”, it is not easily transfer.Prevention reminds: online games can not indulge, young people might as well jump out of the virtual world, write more winter vacation homework!02 to receive “welfare” fraud when you meet someone in a short video posted on social media platforms such as “free of charge mobile phone flow” “free skin” and so on the ads, and asked to join fans welfare groups, using induction parents to large prepaid phone, don’t take any “welfare” chat group, parents don’t let the children log on to their WeChat and pay treasure to account.Caution: to prevent such fraud is aimed at the general elementary and middle school students, cheats in advance through the hot short video platform, “welfare” advertising claims to have “send hits the skin” and other opportunities, attracting students into groups, and induce their parents to use mobile phones, change payment password authentication code by mobile phones, lure students transfer, the network fraud.When you meet someone in the short video and other social platforms to release the “anti-addiction restrictions” advertisement, and ask to scan the code to the relevant website recharge, do not believe any “anti-addiction unsealing” services, not to mention do not recharge the transfer.Warning: the online game platform “anti-addiction system” does not authorize any third party to remove the binding rights, any can crack the “anti-addiction system” technology is fraud.04 part-time brush single type of fraud when you meet someone in QQ, post bar, short video and other channels to release network part-time brush single advertising information, and claimed that “earn 100 yuan a day, monthly income over ten thousand”, “high rate of return”, do not sweep two-dimensional code, do not randomly click on strange links.Prevention reminds: “small brush single” to sweet, “large brush single” true fraud.”Easy money”?It doesn’t exist.05 loan fraud when you meet someone with “large amount, low interest, no requirement for credit” on the ground, ask to add QQ, wechat customer service for loan business, do not believe strange phone and network loan information, do not transfer.Caution: there is no free lunch!Those who require to pay all kinds of membership fees, poundage and service fees before lending will be treated as fraud.When you meet someone who asks for personal information or transfers money with the excuse of “second nucleic acid test” or “booking COVID-19 vaccine”, do not believe strange calls to avoid personal information disclosure.Guard remind: knock on the blackboard!Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, public security and other departments will not require remittances or bank cards, ID numbers and other personal information.07 posing as customer service fraud when you encounter someone to “express lost” “express quality problems” on the basis of the request to contact the official customer service transfer refund, do not believe not to transfer, not to add wechat, QQ.Guard remind: “buy buy buy” for a while cool, cheater routine should also pay attention to.Those who require private refund after online shopping or transfer money or increase the amount of water during the refund process are all frauds!When you meet someone claiming to be a “teacher in charge”, in order to charge “COVID-19 vaccine fee”, “physical examination fee” and other reasons in QQ, wechat group request transfer, parents should be vigilant, through phone, video and students, teachers verify.Source: Jiangsu News, Changshu Public Security Micro police, Rednet