3 news in one night!James Harden officially announces nets, Kyrie You under fire again, Kevin Durant announces new decision

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As the NBA regular season continues, the Brooklyn Nets have lost another big game, and without Irving, the pressure on Harden has increased.And recently, the outside world has been constantly harden may leave the team news, for the Nets this season, their only goal is to complete the championship dream, so as not to face the danger of disintegration.As a team under the scrutiny of the outside world, the big three’s every move is also under the scrutiny of the outside world.3 news in one night!James Harden officially announces nets, Kyrie you are under fire again, Durant announced new decision!James Harden of the Nets responded that the loss was upsetting.”I was pretty frustrated because for some reason, injuries or whatever, we weren’t consistent,” Harden said in an interview after the loss.Everybody in the Nets was frustrated because we were so much better than we were.”Even if Harden puts up big numbers against a team like the Lakers, it’s not going to help the Nets get a good result.Harden Irving also won’t be able to play at home due to league rules, leaving Harden stranded.Harden is frustrated with Nash’s coaching and Irving’s attitude, league sources said, and he wants to go all out to win a championship, but the Nets are still a long way from winning a championship, and Irving’s instability has led to uncertainty in the nets’ roster rotation.Nets Kyrie Irving was questioned again, celebrities came out to blast.Irving’s insistence on refusing the Nets’ request has led to his being locked out of home court games this season and, to the frustration of the Nets’ front office, his likely absence in the playoffs.They don’t want to be in a constant state of ups and downs.”The Nets are not going to be a championship team all the time,” Barkley said in an interview. “They need to be a championship team for a couple of seasons, and I think if I was in the front office of the Nets, I would let him go.”Harden wants his first championship, and obviously Kyrie doesn’t have that much of a fight.”New decision by Irving Durant, missing consecutive All-Star game.Durant after injury, at present, still in active recovery process, and for the upcoming all-star game, durant’s side also announced to the world directly, he will not attend the all-star game, durant hope to focus on his recovery and the playoffs, he will not consume their own status in the middle of the all-star game.Durant is still averaging 29.4 points per game this season, but his injuries continue to plague the Nets.Durant Durant is focused on bringing the Nets their first championship, and he wants to help Harden achieve that dream.So far, Durant has missed three straight All-Star games, but there is no doubting his individual ability. Durant is on his way to becoming the no. 1 player in the league this season.Finally, I hope Durant can return soon!