Xiao Zhan annual ceremony did not cut the program, but the red carpet did not, I believe it is not discriminating

2022-05-19 0 By

Recently, under the high expectation, we have come to the annual ceremony of the second day of the Chinese New Year. In addition, the preheating before is very much, many audiences start to wait early in the morning, waiting for their favorite artists to appear.It is worth mentioning that the stage of young actor Xiao Zhan has not been deleted, because it is a special program, so it is not put together with other programs, but the red carpet part of Xiao Zhan has not been waited for. There are still some dissatisfaction with this point, I hope it is not treated differently.According to the official program list, there is no tribute program brought by Xiao Zhan and Huang Jingyu, but the broadcast platform and studio have carried out publicity, and the end of the annual ceremony also appeared. Therefore, in the stage program, Xiao Zhan annual ceremony has not been deleted.However, we did not wait for The red carpet session of Xiao Zhan. Some fans expressed their love for Xiao Zhan, while some fans expressed indifference. They were satisfied with the show of Xiao Zhan.All in all, no matter what I think, I just hope that xiao Zhan is not treated differently. In fact, it is impossible. Objectively speaking, Xiao Zhan is a very influential quality idol and a powerful actor.When the annual ceremony has not been broadcast, the platform preheating content and a lot of Xiao Zhan, including rehearsal photos and rehearsal video, coupled with xiao Zhan’s tribute program and chorus are in, so there should be no difference.With that, we are looking forward to xiao zhan’s next stage and works.As fans, on the one hand, we can not be complacent, on the other hand, we can not belittle ourselves, xiao War will have a very good development prospects.In fact, we see xiao Zhan is so, I hope after the year can wait for Xiao Zhan and Ren Min starring “Jade Bone Yao” bar.Keep loving, believe in and support Xiao Zhan.