Shaanxi Fuping: active law enforcement and performance of duties, so that the handling of cases more temperature

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Justice network Weinan March 15 (reporter Ni Jianjun correspondent Chen Tongchuan) “the case of light injury between relatives and neighbors, although small, it is easy to intensify contradictions and affect social harmony and stability.In recent years, we have actively explored new ways for procuratorial organs to participate in social governance, changed judicial concepts, created new ways and methods, effectively resolved grievances, and enabled law enforcement to perform their duties, so as to make the handling of cases more effective.”Recently, Shaanxi Province “May Day” heroine model, Shaanxi Province Fuping County procuratorate post prosecutor Sun Xueyan said emotionally.”Prosecutors have treated us like relatives in law enforcement and entrusted two families with each other, upholding fairness and justice and comparing hearts to hearts, which has convinced both parties.”In a deliberate injury case not to prosecute the decision to declare the scene, the two parties of the case big trillion and small fang (all pseudonym) very satisfied with the results of the case.Big trillion and small fang originally husband and wife, due to emotional discord after divorce.One day last winter, big trillion, small fang two people encounter altercation, scuffle process, big trillion will small Fang pushed to the ground, with feet in the chest stampede, resulting in rib fracture, minor injury grade two.After public security organ puts on record, transfer sends examination indictment.Sun Xueyan review the case, that soon after the big trillion and small fang remarriage, but the case did not see the relevant evidence of compensation understanding.The remarriage of two people, is small fang was blinded, in the big trillion “delay”?Or are the two parties genuinely reconciled?A series of questions beset her mind!Sun Xueyan by contact with investigators, ask xiao Fang, ask big trillion, after their own supplementary investigation, this mystery can be solved.The reason is xiao Fang discharged from the hospital, two people before the irrational reflection, together with the cause of raising children, after deep thought familiar, carefully make remarriage decision.The two men have now reconciled and the case does not involve civil damages.Sun Xueyan after repeated verification, confirmed that xiao Fang has truthfully understanding big trillion, see two people harmonious, in view of the case slight, in order to bridge the family relationship, in accordance with the relevant legal procedures, held a joint meeting of prosecutors, and presided over the hearing.After carefully and comprehensively listening to the hearing officer and all parties in the community unanimously agreed not to prosecute Datrillion, after the prosecution committee to discuss, decided not to prosecute datrillion, the suspect of the intentional injury case.Received a decision not to Sue, big trillion moved.He and Xiao Fang together to the prosecutor deeply bowed a bow, affectionately said, “the prosecutor’s fair and open handling of the case, let me in deep repentance repentance at the same time, also really feel the temperature of the prosecution!The leniency of the prosecution has kept our family together.Source: Justice Network