“Levant” invites you to join us for a spring date!

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Time is a pair of warm hands, in your trance, things go stars move best friends gather together, want to love the people are around why not take advantage of the beautiful spring, to go on a New Year’s trip?Lang Zhong Theme Route Recommended Theme Route 1: Entering Xiongguan Shu Road in the Year of the TigerBoth to the JianGe – sword door closed scenic spot – the sword door closed town – double flag beauty village – emerald green cloud corridor scenic spot – the ancient city of state – wuzhishan scenic spot – LangZhong city huan (han hou shrine, Hiram’s hospital, zhongtian, uh guano floor, feng shui, Confucian temple, etc.) and ends at nanjinguan town to The Three Kingdoms culture industrial park, the G5 high-speed north to zhao city, huang ze temple, thousand-buddha cliff, jiashan, jiuzhaigou,The route to Tangjiahe Nature Reserve, Mianyang and Chengdu features: explore the traces of Shu Han dynasty, taste the culture of The Three Kingdoms, visit the ancient city of Langzhong and welcome the auspicious spring.Feel the precipitous jianmen wall with “precipitous walls and precipitous roads” and the majestic Jianmen pass with “one man is the ruler of the gate, and ten thousand husbands do not open it”, experience the vitality and vitality of cui Yun Corridor with “three hundred thousand miles of trees”, come to a romantic langyuan fairyland, and witness the elegant appearance of Zhang Fei, the military commander of The Three Kingdoms, in the ancestral hall of Marquis Huan of han Dynasty.Then you can travel north to enjoy more beautiful scenery in Guangyuan.One – day tour, two – day tour, three – day tour.Theme Line 2: A Happy Family Tour of Shu Road to Welcome the Year of the TigerBoth to the JianGe – sword door closed scenic spot – the sword door closed town – double flag beauty village – emerald green cloud corridor scenic spot – the ancient city of state – block wall scenic spot – east treasure horse town – LangZhong ancient city (the temple offerings holes, Hiram’s hospital scholar descend, north sichuan road agency, zhongtian, uh guano, floor, etc.) – phoenix dance paradise resort – mianyang fant Oriental painting theme park, jiangyou QiQuShan god temple line features:Watch intangible heritage performances, play cute pet park, spend parent-child time.During the day, you can watch performances in scenic spots, taste tofu and native chicken, do intangible heritage crafts and play with pets. At night, you can watch “Jianmen Changsong” and soak in health hot springs. You can also pick organic citrus from Dongbao Mountain as gifts to relatives and friends.Then along the 108 national Highway all the way west, play with Oriental god painting.Considerable, can admire, can live, can play, find tong Qu in company.One – day tour, two – day tour, three – day tour.Subject line three: sword door pick up the festival atmosphere Intones red package trips to recommend: both to JianGe – JianGe county – the sword door closed scenic spot – sword door closed town – emerald green cloud corridor scenic spot – the ancient city of state – block horse wall scenic spot – the da-zhai scenic spot – Lin CangXi hometown of the Red Cross – LangZhong city – yilong zhu DE line features: pick up the sword door the festival atmosphere, visit to red, for the Spring Festival culture.Feeling “two sichuan and throat, intones pearl” of the thick and the festival atmosphere, great feats of memory of revolutionary martyrs, carefree life, experience the ancient city of citizens to participate in the New Year folk custom activity, further south along the sword pale road into LangZhong after the red army martyrs memorial, the ancient city of LangZhong (red fourth-front armies of the general political department site, qin home compound, hou home compound, hole compound).Discover the charm of red culture and the birthplace of Spring Festival.One – day tour, two – day tour, three – day tour.Langzhong Traffic Guide Direct train: Chengdu – Langzhong about 2.5 hours;Xi ‘an – Langzhong about 3 hours;Langzhong, Chongqing, about 2 hours;Langzhong, Guangyuan, about 1 hour.1. Take No.6, no.7 and No.8 bus from high-speed railway station and bus station to reach the ancient urban area;2. It’s more convenient to sweep code and ride yellow bikes in the city!Langzhong Ancient City scenic area takes about 3 hours, and Jianmen Pass scenic area takes about 3 hours.Please plan your travel time wisely.2. Breakfast beef noodles, oil tea, sheep noodles;Langyuan, steamed pork, Zhang Fei beef, sichuan cold noodles for lunch;At night, noodles with mixed sauce and seven-star pork hands are the most authentic Langzhong life.Come to Langzhong for a leisurely trip. Tips for civilized travel: limited, reservation, staggered peak, safe and civilized