Jiantong Surveying and Mapping appointed Qiu Yanyan as general manager in the first half of 2021, the company’s net profit of 1,823,500 yuan

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February 21 news, Jiantong Surveying and Mapping (832255) announced that, in accordance with the Relevant provisions of the Company Law and the articles of association of the company, the eighth meeting of the third board of directors of the company on February 21, 2022 review and passed:Qiu Yanyan was appointed as general Manager of the company and Luo Mingli was appointed as Deputy General Manager of the company. The term of office will expire at the end of the third term of the Board of Directors, effective from February 21, 2022.According to Zhabei, Qiu Yanyan holds 9.43% of jiantong Surveying and Mapping shares, while Luo Mingli does not hold jiantong Surveying and Mapping shares.Based on the overall strategic planning and operation management needs of the company, and in accordance with relevant provisions of the Company Law and articles of Association, it is proposed to appoint Qiu Yanyan as the general manager of the company.Luo Mingli was appointed deputy general manager of the company.This appointment conforms to the relevant provisions of the Company Law and the Articles of Association, meets the requirements of the normal development of the company, is conducive to improving the corporate governance structure, is conducive to improving the management level of the company, and will not adversely affect the production and business activities of the company.Qiu Yanyan: Female, han nationality, born in April 1984, Chinese nationality, without the right of permanent residence abroad, graduated from Guangzhou Civil Aviation University, majoring in air crew and Tourism Management, bachelor’s degree, once worked as a cadre of secretary Group of Dapu County Government Office in Guangdong Province.Member and Deputy Director of Work Organization Office, Organization Department, Dapu County Party Committee, Guangdong Province;Member and Deputy Mayor of Qingxi Town, Dapu County, Guangdong Province;Secretary of Dapu County Party Committee, Communist Youth League, Guangdong Province;Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee and Mayor of Dadong Town, Dapu County, Guangdong Province;Director of Guangzhou Office of People’s Government of Dapu County, Guangdong Province;Deputy Director of Reception Office of Dapu County Party Committee and County Government Of Guangdong Province;Deputy Director of China Merchants Bureau of Dapu County, Guangdong Province;Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Jiantong Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Technology Co., LTD., and general manager of the company from the date of announcement.Luo Mingli: Male, Han nationality, born in September 1989, Chinese nationality, without the right of permanent residence abroad, graduated from Guangdong Medical University, majoring in clinical medicine, bachelor’s degree;He worked as a respiratory physician in Huidong County People’s Hospital.General Manager of Dongguan Rock Culture Media Co., LTD.General Manager of Guangzhou Flying Fish Technology Development Co., LTD.Deputy General Manager of the company from the date of announcement.The company’s 2021 semi-annual report shows that the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the first half of 2021 is 1,823,477.04 yuan, which is in surplus compared with the same period last year.Jiantong Surveying and Mapping is a comprehensive geographic information service provider specializing in high-precision geographic information data collection, processing and application system development.This article comes from digging shell net