Century-old arcade, past and present, Geffei Hotel with you

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Located in the east of Guangxi, Wuzhou is connected with Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. It enjoys the reputation of “Green city and Water Capital” and “World Capital of artificial gems”.Wuzhou is also a place for natural and ecological investigation, and shuangdao tourist resort is full of lakes and mountains.In Wuzhou, you can also take a modern agricultural tour and enjoy the charming rural scenery.Surrounded by green mountains and water, relaxed residents, the arcade street can be seen everywhere, and can let you forget the delicious snacks……Geffee VX Hotel, wuzhou High-speed railway South station, accompany you to the quiet and slow life in the small town.VX Hotel is a mid-range and high-end leisure Hotel owned by GreenTree Hospitality Group. It integrates the youth trend and artistic interior with local culture atmosphere.And create a “Very Relaxing” space for our visitors with a colorful lobby and art design.The lobby of VX Hotel is beautifully designed, with elegant low tables and sofa cushions in the lounge area, combined with geometric modern lighting design to create a relaxed atmosphere.Guests can rest, meet and chat in perfect elegance.The full-service hotel has a basic double bed, king bed, parent-child room, which also has a special room for entertainment, video and audio.Offering an immersive entertainment experience with unique amenities, VX Hotel strives to provide the same high quality of service to guests with different needs.Separate shower, soft king-size bed, high-speed Wi-Fi and silent air conditioning are all standard features of the hotel, as well as self-service laundry, nutritious breakfast and free parking to help you enjoy a warm and convenient trip.Located in No.1 Longcheng South Road, Longdike District, Wuzhou City, superior Hotel is close to Canghai Park, wuhai line and Cangwu Passenger Transport Center, which is the main road of wuzhou city.The VX Hotel is also surrounded by various department stores, such as Nanning Department Store, Big Tesco shopping plaza and local specialty snacks, providing guests with a convenient living service area integrating accommodation and shopping.Century-old arcade, past and present, VX Hotel accompany you.