Aneng Logistics (09956.HK) was included in the Hang Seng Composite Index

2022-05-19 0 By

Glonhui February 21st/ANNeng Logistics (09956.HK) announced that the company has been selected by Hang Seng Index Limited as a member of hang Seng Composite Index with effect from March 7, 2022.To the knowledge of the Board, the inclusion of the Company in the Hang Seng Composite Index represents that the Company has met the pre-conditions for inclusion in the Hong Kong Stock Connect, which is a channel for the trading and investment of shares between investors in the Capital markets of Hong Kong and China.The board believes that inclusion in the Hang Seng Composite Index will enable the Company to attract a more diversified investor base and enhance the liquidity of its shares and the company’s reputation in the capital markets.The Board would like to thank the shareholders and investors of the Company for their long-term support of the Company.The company will continue to strengthen its position in the industry and create higher value for the company’s shareholders.The Board also noted an increase in the price and volume of the Company’s shares on 21 February 2022.Do according to the director of related cases related to group all reasonable after the search, to the best of its knowledge, know and believe that the board of directors confirmed that (I) the group’s operating, maintain normal group continue to operate as usual its business, and (ii) except in the disclosure of the announcement, the board of directors are not aware of any cause the unusual reasons of stock price and volume fluctuations,Or any information which is required to be published to avoid a false market in the securities of the company, or any inside information which is required to be disclosed under part XIVA of the Securities and Futures Ordinance, Cap. 571.This article is from Gronhui