The most important thing is your value orientation

2022-05-18 0 By

Before you choose to run, you need to know one thing: what are your running values?In order to make a name for themselves, ordinary runners with certain athletic talent can also be successful through diligence and hard work, scientific training methods. Other ordinary runners must be clear before choosing running exercise. What is the motivation of running?Is it to create a self fastest running speed?Maximum amount of running to create a self?Is in order to enhance and promote their physical and mental health level through daily running exercise?Is it through running exercise to achieve self weight loss, or to maintain a normal body shape?When we figure this out, our runs will be more purposeful, planned, and accomplished!Whether it is healthy and run, build you up and running, weight loss, fitness and, create self best achievements, etc., mileage is base layer, must want to have a thick mileage accumulation, mileage accumulated to a certain amount, the you can let us run more secure, more run much more in the long run, also can let us running in the same conditions,The more relaxed and free running, the more you enjoy the essential fun of running.Of course, if you are pursuing to create your own running distance, time efficient and high quality, you should focus on training their own relative pace, running speed, otherwise it is not up to create the best self running achievements!