Liaoyuan mass cinema name origin

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Before liberation, there was only a small “new light cinema” in Liaoyuan, located on the north side of today’s “People’s Bath”, with poor equipment and conditions. It was an old cinema built during the Puppet Manchu period.Before 1940, he played silent movies here, most of which were scenes of The Japanese war in Greater East Asia, with no sound and only text.At that time, people did not want to see such a movie, one is not educated to understand the character, the second is the content of the movie is purely about Japan’s invasion of other countries, killing people of all countries.I went to see twice, feel dull, only see half son went home.After the liberation of Liaoyuan in 1947, the democratic government changed the name of “New Light Cinema” to “People’s Cinema”.With the development of urban economy and the increase of population, the people’s government built a large cinema in the west of Xiaoshi Street in 1956.Because it was the city’s largest construction project, so the attention of the city’s people.At that time, there were many people watching the construction site every day, to see the speed of its construction, which almost became an important part of people’s life.Because there were no other construction projects in Liaoyuan at that time, the author also went there to watch, and felt that the project was the boss there, which could be mysterious, which also showed how high the level of construction in Liaoyuan city was.Looking at the urban construction of Liaoyuan city today, it is already the most backward construction.That year, after the completion of the project, also in the name of the municipal government, to the city from all walks of life widely solicited opinions, named for the cinema.In those days people gave it a lot of names, their meanings are different.Some people propose to call it “Xi ‘an Cinema”, in order not to forget the city earlier called Xi ‘an County this name, used to forever cherish the feelings of hometown old place.It would have been a meaningful name, but it didn’t go through.At that time, the famous democratic person in our city, vice mayor Mr. Wang Tingen, gave it the name of “Long Photoelectric cinema” with his profound cultural foundation and indomable love for his hometown.The old gentleman used the first word of Longshou Mountain “dragon” to represent Liaoyuan City, which was meaningful and thought-provoking. He also used the word “light” to represent cinema, which was implicit, just like other words.Such a full of stylistic bearing of the name has not been passed.On the contrary, a proposal called “mass cinema” put forward by a person with little education was adopted.”People’s cinema” and “mass cinema” so that the city’s people can see the film, this is a proper name.And by Mr. Wang Tingen inscribed “mass cinema” four words of the name of the hospital, hanging on the front door of the theater, but also on the side of the word decorated with red neon lights, for the city’s latest architectural landscape.But today, “mass cinema” four words have not wang Tingen’s handwriting inscribed, but by the computer output of the word, also calculated natural and unrestrained soft.Later, the old “People’s cinema” was also stripped of the old site, and the new site was chosen to build today’s modern people’s cinema.Let the people and the masses two beautiful sister cinema, always serve the people of our city.There are a lot of things in history, so we can’t ask everyone to pay attention to everything. Only when we talk about everything, we can trace back to the source and attract people’s attention.Mass cinema is the yellow flower of the past, lost the glory of the heyday.From 1956 to 1980, the cinema was closely related to people’s lives.For many years, the prosperity of a city has been evaluated by the number of cinemas, so the mass cinema was said to be great at that time, it is said that nanjing’s blueprint, in our surrounding counties and cities, including Siping city, there is not a cinema comparable to the mass cinema.Because of its novelty and grandeur, it is particularly important to name it.Of course, it is not difficult to see that the culture of Liaoyuan city mokers have their own strengths and have a pure heart for their hometown.Disclaimer: Copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.