I hear you’re having trouble getting your wisdom teeth out, too?Wisdom tooth high heat problem enough talk at one time

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Many friends before the message, when to talk about wisdom teeth, similar wisdom teeth will thin face?Will it loosen your teeth?Does it affect intelligence?After unplug a wisdom tooth other remaining can not unplug?And so on the heat has been high.In terms of wisdom teeth, the scientific name “third molar”, commonly known as “near root teeth”, “end teeth”, refers to the third molar inside the mouth?Usually erupt at the age of 18-25, with one tooth on the upper, lower and left, which is the last tooth erupt in human. Let’s take a look at some specific cases of patients.Patients after small A pull up and down the left side of the wisdom teeth, feel in A couple of months than the right face, thin A last September on YaFang is pulled to the left of A wisdom tooth, again in October to tongji university stomatological hospital pulled to the left of the wisdom teeth, probably in January before returning home, small A look at the mirror one day and found himself on the left side of the face than on the right side of the face than up like A little thin.The enduring popularity of “wisdom tooth extraction to slim face” on the one hand expresses the infinite exploration of the increase in appearance level, on the other hand may be an illusion.Here I want to tell you a cruel reality, our teeth are long in the jaw, and when we remove wisdom teeth are basically after the age of 18, the jaw has been developed, the removal of wisdom teeth has little impact on it, so it will not thin face.In fact, the upper part of the face is supported mainly by the cheekbones and maxilla, with the widest part being the cheekbones.Maxillary wisdom teeth are located in the maxilla and, even if slightly tilted outwards, also in the inside of the cheekbone, their support for the face is negligible.The mandibular Angle and masseter muscle are the main structures affecting the width of the lower part of the face.The masseter muscle is the muscle attached to the zygomatic process of the maxilla, zygomatic arch, and mandibular Angle.A person with a large jaw Angle and strong masseter muscles will appear to have a wide face.In plastic surgery, face width and shape can be changed by mandibular Angle osteotomy and mandibular grinding.The main effect of lower teeth on face shape is to support the lips and cheeks and maintain the height of the face.If most of the teeth are missing, the face will collapse, but the width will not change much.Removal of just one or two wisdom teeth will have a minimal effect on support and will hardly change the shape of the face.Since the width and shape of the face have nothing to do with wisdom teeth, the removal of wisdom teeth is not slimming.Of course, within three to five days of wisdom tooth extraction, the face will generally swell, and when the swelling subsides and returns to its original shape, it may give the illusion of a “thin face.”And have a meal inside one or two weeks after unplug tooth not quite convenient, add as a result of ache unwell, affect rest, thin also is taken for granted.However, this “thin face” and wisdom tooth extraction only indirect correlation, not direct cause and effect.Can pull out wisdom tooth affect intelligence?The appearance level question is not enough to answer some curious babies, after all, appearance level and INTELLIGENCE are hard indicators of human progress.The “wisdom” of wisdom teeth here means that wisdom teeth usually sprout around the age of 18, when people’s intelligence is already mature, so ancient people called the teeth that sprout at this time wisdom teeth, the so-called symbol of the arrival of wisdom.Although dental nerves are derived from nerves in the brain, pulling out a tooth does not affect the nerves in the brain, and it is far from the truth that pulling out wisdom teeth affects intelligence.Will it cause loosening of the front teeth?Some people will feel that after pulling wisdom teeth such a big project, won’t lead to loose teeth in front of it?NONONO~ Because our teeth are tilted forward as a whole, the fixation of teeth is attached to the alveolar bone by the periodontal membrane.Tips: It should be reminded that if the mandibular wisdom teeth are removed, the corresponding maxillary wisdom teeth should also be removed. This is because the maxillary wisdom teeth will extend out later, interfere with the mandibular movement, and cause food impaction between the maxillary second and third molars, resulting in tooth decay in the maxillary second molars.And vice versa.Patient B students after pulling wisdom teeth suddenly bleeding more than patient B students just graduated from the university to pull wisdom teeth, the results after pulling wisdom teeth, once in the way of bleeding, in nearly faint, the driver uncle found in time and took him to the hospital.After arriving at the emergency room of the hospital, the bleeding was finally stopped by the quick treatment of doctors.When do wisdom teeth have to be removed?(1) Repeated attacks of pericoronitis because pericoronitis often leads to mouth opening limitation, facial swelling, and poor inflammation control can lead to multi-space infection in maxillofacial region, which seriously affects people’s physical and mental health, so this lesion tooth must be pulled out.(2) Small cavities of affected teeth can be filled for the treatment of caries. However, for malpositioned cavities, they occur near the teeth. Due to their deep position in the oral cavity, it brings great difficulties to clinical operation, so extraction is generally recommended.Impacted wisdom teeth crowns appear is not complete, the surface is often covered thick gum, crowns and blind pouch of the gum cuffs formed between samples, food residue is easy to enter, not easy to clean, over time, prone to inflammation of the gums around, such as “wisdom tooth pericoronitis”, can appear limited local swelling, opening, symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, fever and subsequently.Because the impacted wisdom teeth and the adjacent second molar are prone to retain food residues, which cannot be thoroughly cleaned, over time, resulting in caries in the second molar, further causing nerve inflammation, and even causing the second molar to be unable to be retained and forced to be extracted.(3) Wisdom tooth forward because of the wisdom tooth forward often lead to caries in the distal surface of the second molar, if not pulled out in time can often lead to the loss of wisdom teeth and second molar, seriously affect the chewing function.Because there is no third molar, wisdom teeth will be long until they contact with the alveolar mucosa of the opposite tooth, bite the alveolar mucosa, resulting in pathological changes.⑤ Orthodontic needs in clinical practice, in order to align the teeth or ensure that it is not easy to relapse after orthodontic, we often have to pull out the tooth.(6) Remove the induced TMJ disease clinically, there is also the exclusion of trigeminal neuralgia of unknown cause, and wisdom teeth cyst, tumor should also be pulled out.Do all wisdom teeth have to be removed?Not really.If there is enough space for the wisdom teeth to erupt or to have a normal bite with the opposite tooth, it can be retained.Or an implant can be made if the second molars are missing, or a abutment can be made if it is feasible.In addition, impacted teeth that are completely ambushed and do not affect periodontal or nerve can also be followed up.Wisdom tooth extraction is often said to be the most vigorous age of life, but even the most vigorous young people tremble before the removal of wisdom teeth, many people feel that it is impossible to evaluate the use of wisdom teeth.In fact, in addition to some normal life, most of them are not much use. First, they can not chew food, and because they are born in the back of the teeth, it is difficult to brush when brushing teeth, often bacteria, causing tooth decay and other problems.Secondly, due to the extrusion of wisdom teeth, it will also cause crowding of teeth and affect the appearance.So in the end many people have chosen to have this useless wisdom teeth removed.This issue of wisdom teeth on the highest frequency of a few questions to talk about here, there are more interesting wisdom teeth welcome to discuss in the comments area ~