Yang set township: “four in place” catch good spring farming production work

2022-05-17 0 By

With the temperature gradually warming, recently, While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, Yangji township, Gushi County, adhere to early deployment, early implementation, comprehensive spring farming production work.Arrange deployment in place.Township, the government attaches great importance to the spring production, timely held special meeting arrangement deployment spring production work, set up led by the township primary coalesced into spring production work leading group, and ask for a lead agricultural center of 18 school project of the ministry, ditch, pond, brake, such as irrigation and water conservancy facilities of illness, lobby, desilting and repair in time,Ensure the flow of irrigation water.Propaganda and guidance in place.Make full use of hanging banners, issuing leaflets and wechat group and “charming Yang set” public number forward and other ways to widely publicize spring farming production work, requiring rural cadres to go deep into the village group, the field to the masses to publicize rice insurance, agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and other policies to strengthen agriculture and benefit farmers, stimulate the masses to prepare for spring farming enthusiasm.Since this year, the township to help the masses apply for agricultural machinery subsidies more than 20.Technical guidance in place.The rural agricultural center organized 9 agricultural technicians to form a spring ploughing production service team to subcontract 18 villages, and visited the village groups and the fields with the cadres stationed in the villages, mastered the farmers’ spring ploughing production needs, and helped solve the problems encountered in the spring ploughing production.At the same time, actively invited county agricultural technology experts for agricultural cooperatives, grain farmers to carry out scientific fertilization, chemical weeding knowledge training, a total of more than 300 people held special training 6 times.Agricultural materials management in place.Actively organize police stations, market supervision offices, agricultural service centers, law enforcement teams and other relevant departments to conduct dragnet investigation on the agricultural materials market of the whole township, carry out special cleaning and inspection of seeds, pesticides, agricultural films and fertilizers, put an end to the inflow of fake and shoddy agricultural materials into the market, and ensure the authenticity of agricultural supplies.At present, a total of 10 law enforcement vehicles dispatched to check all kinds of agricultural materials distribution points 19.(Tao Yizhong, Li Kun) Reviewed by He Xin, Edited by Muzi