Winter Olympics have me!Explore “black technology” and start a wonderful journey of ice and snow

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The long-awaited Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games will officially open on February 4th!China National Nuclear Corporation’s “nuclear” power guarantees winter Olympics the light of “nuclear” power brings a bright color to the Olympic Games Join hands in the ice and snow!Together we issued a “together to the future” sincere call for athletes to cheer burning feeling double Olympic City winter Olympics have me!From summer Olympics to Winter Olympics, Beijing, the city of double Olympics, is not only an arena for Olympic athletes, but also under the concept of “simple, safe and green”, it has become a check-in place for China’s high-tech to appear in the world.Icecube, the National Aquatics Center, leads the world in water-ice conversion by swarm intelligence technology.At the National Speed Skating Hall, industrial-grade simulation technology protects the “fastest ice”.In Yanqing Winter Olympic Village, photovoltaic, thermal, air source and other clean energy is obeying the command to create a warm home for athletes…Follow these “black technology” from CNNC Holding Tongfang Shares, let’s start the “wonderful” journey of 2022 ice and snow.The National Aquatics Center is the first Olympic stadium in the world to achieve the “ice-water dual drive” mode.The strict requirement of ice surface in curling brings challenges to the environment control in the arena.Use of smart technology for temperature and humidity in different areas of the “ice cube” intelligent control precision is ice cube by tsinghua university and tongfang co joint research and development of intelligent technology and application system, through the intelligent control platform of ice, auditorium, office environment of different areas, such as temperature and humidity data intellisense and intelligent control,Ensure that under any heat load conditions in the competition hall of curling stadium, the temperature of the ice track is always maintained at -8.5℃, the temperature of 1.5 meters on the ice is maintained at 10℃, and the temperature of the grandstand is 16℃ to 18℃, which not only meets the environmental needs of curling competition, but also creates a comfortable watching environment for the audience.In order to further meet the use requirements of international ice makers, Tongfang optimized and upgraded the intelligent control platform.During the competition, the platform will better help the ice maker team to accurately determine the environmental control parameters of the venue, and provide technical support for ice making and ice surface maintenance on the track.On January 27, the green Winter Olympic Village, located at the southern foot of Xiaohaitao Mountain in Yanqing, officially opened, welcoming more than 1200 athletes and officials from nearly 90 countries and regions.The “athlete-centered” service system and the concept of green Olympic organizing are not only embodied in the considerate service of the Village, but also embodied in the smart energy saving technology of low-carbon energy use and smart control.Under the background of achieving carbon peak and carbon neutral goals, Yanqing Winter Olympics Village has achieved 100% clean energy supply, and further improved the intelligent and efficient level of energy network.The comprehensive energy management and control platform independently developed by Tongfang Can realize intelligent optimization and regulation of large energy consumption equipment in the village based on different energy consumption scenarios such as residential area, square area and operation area, save building energy consumption and make the Village a green, healthy, livable and intelligent living environment model.Tongfang Integrated energy management and control platform enables athletes in Yanqing Winter Olympic Village to enjoy a comfortable and low-carbon healthy life. Yanqing Winter Olympic Village integrated energy management and control platform is oriented to energy data management, resource integration and scientific analysis and decision-making.Tongfang co by energy consumption data and the integration of digital twin technology, one-stop energy consumption, energy consumption of carbon and other multidimensional data analysis indicators, on the premise of comfort, to realize the games village five photovoltaic power station, sunlight, air source heat pump and other complementary energy cooperation, promote the intelligent level of the whole power network, help achieve “green Olympics”.Based on the load prediction results, the platform can provide real-time operation optimization scheme for energy station equipment, promote the collaborative interaction between load and storage of the source network, meet the heating and cooling needs of low-carbon buildings in the Winter Olympic Village, and create a truly safe, comfortable and energy-saving “athlete’s home”.The National Speed Skating Stadium, also known as the “Ice Ribbon”, is the world’s first speed skating venue to use carbon dioxide transcritical direct cooling ice.During the competition, the temperature difference on the ice track will be controlled at 0.5 degrees Celsius to ensure the consistent hardness of the ice surface, which is conducive to sliding and provides a guarantee for the excellent performance of athletes.There are many kinds of hVAC equipment in the stadium. Any sudden failure may lead to water cut off and changes in ambient temperature and humidity, thus affecting the quality of ice surface and athletes’ performance.Through the equipment monitoring and warning platform of Tongfang Stock, The National Speed Skating Stadium can “perceive, remember and think” the operation of large hVAC equipment such as cooling units, air conditioning units and cooling towers in the stadium.Tongfang “ice ribbons to build equipment monitoring and early warning platform for tongfang co will industrial-grade simulation diagnosis technology combined with a iot of artificial intelligence, make the system to achieve the dynamic gymnasium equipment intelligent fault diagnosis and monitoring and early warning, effectively eliminate management blind area, improve equipment operational security and controllability, safeguard regional competition hall, auditorium, etc of the temperature and humidity environment at venues temperature control requirements,At the same time, it helps the healthy, stable and sustainable operation and maintenance of the equipment.Ski-jumpers will perform their acrobatic dance on shougang’s glass slipper.In order to implement the concept of scientific and technological Winter Olympics and green Hosting, Shougang Park has realized the innovative application of green energy saving and high efficiency energy saving. Through the Tongfangteide Techcon control and management system, it has realized the optimization control and real-time monitoring of the sub-systems such as air treatment units, exhaust fans, sewage system, indoor environment and cold source transmission and distribution in the park.During the event, the large mechanical and electrical equipment in the park will operate more safely and stably, bringing athletes and tourists a more comfortable body feeling than traditional events.At the same time, based on a large number of Internet of Things, cloud computing and intelligent control and adjustment algorithm, the park realizes the consumption and energy planning of hydropower through Techcon EMS energy management system.Through data collection, statistics and analysis, the park will achieve a reasonable match between energy supply and demand, and open a green and energy-saving operation mode.Planning by Liu Baiyang, CNNC Propaganda and Culture Center, Tongfang Stock, Li Chen, Gao Tianyu, Sources by Tongfang Stock, Editor by Wang Siqi, reviewer by Duan Xinrui