Wearing a yellow twill corduroy coat and black casual wide-leg trousers, Li Yifeng was full of energy for the New Year

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Click on the top of the “blue word” concerns us although the season into spring, but the cold is still surrounded in our side, wearing a coat still belongs to the season, a bright color of the long coat, whether seasonal attributes or warm characteristics, can show the elegant and natural charm of men.Li Yifeng recently wore a yellow twill cotton corduroy coat and a pair of black casual wide-leg pants. The retro fashion combination gave Li a full score and made him feel energetic during the Spring Festival.Li Yifeng this coat three-dimensional profile and cutting, coupled with the integration of the gun collar, the overall handsome man charm came out, even if the muscles and lines can not be directly exposed, but to show the atmosphere and strong sense of incomparable.Bright yellow is the basic tone, twill cotton corduroy material is a little retro and lively, belonging to the light and warm color, set off li Yifeng’s vitality and along with the temperament, walking on the road of hormones both visual sense jump out however.On the inside, we can see that Li Yifeng chooses black turtleneck sweater and black casual wide-leg pants. The brightness of yellow color and the high saturation of black force the layering feeling on the whole look.The draping of the pants set off the strong line of the coat, and the black set off li’s skin is very fair.When walking, the free and easy gas field of wide-leg pants and the turtleneck sweater form the chic and elegant feeling of tightening up and loosening up, showing Li Yifeng’s fashion and free and easy to the top of one’s bent, and the state is full marks.Here is a beautiful life house that provides fashion information for young people. Today, Li Yifeng’s yellow corduroy coat is shared here for everyone. Thank you for reading.Welcome everyone to pay attention to and leave a message, together with the New Year fashion wear.