Qingmei is tied up, ling shao trades for his wife, she jumps off the roof: as you wish

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.Recently, many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!The first book: love you, Let Me Go “Introduction: A hijacking, Shen Rui welcomed the darkest time of her life.He was humbled, only to discover that it was a mistake.Shen Rui thinks this is hell undoubtedly, but more brutal truth resembles a whirlpool, infiltrate her into the abyss of eternal fate.Early in the morning, Shen Rui picked a lace collar mid-sleeve dress to change.In order to cover up the injury on her face, she specially drew a little more colorful makeup than usual.She stood in front of the looking-glass, her heart fluttering.Gao Yuanhang always praised her as clean and fresh beauty, such gorgeous dress, I don’t know if he will like it?”Ding ding.”SMS ring up, Shen Rui unlock view.”Don’t take it. It’s beautiful.””Pa”.The mobile phone falls to the ground, shen Rui is scared out of his wits by the content on this strange short message.In a panic she ran to the window and opened the curtains. There were no strangers outside except the gardener who was trimming the flower beds.She closed the curtains and lights again, ran back to the mirror, picked up her phone, turned on camera mode and searched every corner of the bedroom, but found no surveillance device.Fear continues to escalate, Shen Rui startled out of a cold sweat.He was so terrible that he could easily watch her every move without a trace while she was on her guard.”Where are you?Shen Rui’s constantly shaking fingers pressed for a long time before finally sending out the message.The message quickly came back: You don’t have to know, you just have to know that you can’t get out of my hand!If I didn’t warn you, you only have 11 hours left.Shen Rui did not dare to delay a moment out of the door, the morning rush hour is very congested, she asked for a good leave and then arrived at the far Navigation Group, it is already noon.”Just in time. Let’s have dinner.”Gao Yuanhang took just entered the room shen Rui out of the door.In the restaurant, Shen Rui munched on her favorite dishes but found them tasteless.She looked at the opposite of the high Yuanhang, several intended to export words are swallowed back.”Why did you come to see me today?”Gao yuanhang added a few more dishes to her bowl.”Oh,” Shen Rui pull back lax consciousness, laugh of very dry: “it doesn’t matter, is suddenly very miss you.I just felt sick and asked for leave, so I wanted to be with you.””What’s the matter?Was it wet the night before last?”He stuck the back of his hand on her forehead, really some hot, “you have a fever, no wonder you have no appetite, after dinner I send you to the hospital.”His fundus concern, anxious expression, let her heart more painful tight.”Don’t worry,” she said in relief, pulling out a smile as cheerful as possible. “I took my meds this morning. I’ll just drop by your office and rest up.”Don’t bother Shen Rui again try to think of any excuse to urge him to go back early, High Yuanhang hurriedly grilled two meals, he helped her leave the restaurant.In the president’s office of Yuanhang Group, Shen Rui lay on the sofa, quietly watching Gao Yuanhang sitting at the desk tapping on the computer.The monitor she had found the opportunity to sneak into the sofa seam, she did not exactly follow the man’s instructions to stick under Gao Yuanhang’s desk.For one thing, time was running out, and she dared not delay any longer.Secondly, she wants to clamp the monitor to a little, so as to affect its radio effect. It is better to be able to find it when cleaning the sofa and throw it away as garbage.If there is no man’s appearance how good, after marriage she will live a happy life with Gao Yuanhang.But she was dirty, but also did to betray the sailing group, if he knew what kind of consequences will be, her heart is clearer than anyone.”Larry, why are you crying?”Gao Yuanhang did not know when squatting in front of her, a face of worry, “is not very uncomfortable?”(Click the following link to read the novel) the second book: “an inch of time an inch of heart” author: Dream South Ke introduction: once the commitment of two people, after all, became her a person’s lie.Her body was trembling slightly, the corners of her eyes were slightly red, and she opened her eyes wide to prevent tears from falling down. The pitiful and stubborn appearance of her was totally different from lu Rong’s lively and smiling appearance.Lu Rong lost consciousness for a moment, looking at her pale face, cold heart is more like being rubbed hard.But after this moment, the anger in his eyes became heavier and he stared at her and slowly said, “I never thought that the granddaughter of the old shopkeeper of flower paper would only play to tempt men’s hearts.If the old man knew, he would turn in his grave.”Lu Rong was so tall that he easily passed her and headed for the exit.He does not believe that.Soup from all over the blood cool down, watching him leave the back, extremely disappointed.Today, when this story gets out, she can no longer stand on the south side, he is going to destroy her work, but also destroy her future path.She looked up and blinked her sour eyes, but two tears fell from the corner of her eyes.She didn’t want it. She really didn’t want it.In childhood life is hard up, once Lu Rong is taking a bag of food that is braving aroma to come in store, soup leaves to receive, he avoids her hand however, take out a box of steak to pass bai Xuan from inside, just pass bag soup to leave.Later soup from just know, that steak is the most expensive, he was afraid soup away from the best, white Xuan will not have.Lu Rong handed the food to soup from that vigilant eyes, soup from grow up to recall, only feel chill.She had never treated Bai Xuan badly behind her back. Why should he be on guard against everything like this?Lu Rong has been a gentleman since his childhood. He sympathizes with the weak and cannot tolerate injustice.But he trusts Bai Xuan, itself is the biggest injustice to her.Also because of this, soup from just have so deep obsession, she wants to let Lu Rong know that she is the better one.After this thinks to return to the country, this competition can give her the confidence of negotiation, take the inheritance right of flower paper hall from bai Xuan over there, take this to fish out the truth that grandma dies, just have the opportunity to redeem the heart of Lu Rong.But step by step, the gap with him only deepened.”Security uncle, my clothes and tools are still in there, please let me in.”Tangli finally saw a familiar face, immediately called out to him, hard beat the studio building outside the iron door.”Ah, you this isn’t hurt me, don’t shout don’t shout!”The uncle waved at her as fast as he could and hurried away.It’s really a wall to everyone.Tang left the corners of his mouth with a self-deprecating smile. Just then, a man walked over from nearby.”I’ve heard so much about you, Miss Tonley.”The light smile in his words made her subconsciously look up.This is a good-looking man.He held out his hand, hesitated for a moment, wiped it on his coat and held it in his grip.The man smiled and said, “I’m Zhou Yucheng. Your tutor Blaze invited me to watch the show. I admired your design style when I was abroad.It just so happened that my team was waiting to use the venue, so they put everything away for you.””I’ve been waiting for you. Let’s go.”Tang ran after him. “Didn’t you hear about today?”How dare he help her?Introduction: Cen Huan once loved Fu Hansheng, but after the change, she is wearing a bloodstained white wedding dress, sitting in a car torn apart.Into the pit guide: I do not know when the car has not Fu Hansheng’s secretary and driver, only the two of them.Mr. Fu drove all the way and took Ms. Cenhuan to a hotel.The room was dark without light.Moonlight occasionally leaks in through the window.Fu Hansheng threw Cen Huan into the room.Cen Huan staggered forward two steps, his legs after standing for a long time were slightly sour and weak, cen Huan directly knelt down on the ground.As he approached her, Fu loosened his bow tie and lit a cigarette.Cen huan knelt and did not get up again.With half her face hidden in the darkness, she asked, “Come on, Fu Hansheng, what can you do to get rid of Xi Cheng?”Fu Hansheng’s voice was not clear: “Plead for that man?”Cen huan nodded.Fu Hansheng sneered, “Like him?”Cenhuan shook her head and nodded again.Fu Hansheng moved his foot slightly, shook off his slippers, tiptoed closer and pressed it on Cen Huan’s chest with some meaning: “Did he touch you?”Shaming pains rose in Her chest, but she said nothing and shook her head.Fu Hansheng snorted, flicked the ash on his finger, “Please me –” Cen Huan looked at him in bewilderment.”If you want me to spare him, please me.”Cen soaked in Fu’s dark eyes for two seconds and finally began to undress stupidly.Fu Looked at her thin, bamboo-like body, frowned and said, “Go on.”Cen Huan’s hands were shaking badly, but she obediently turned her back and took off the only FIG leaf she had left.Fu Hansheng watching CenHuan that girl under the moonlight is sending out the faint fragrance body, eyes LengLi, he lay out smoke, bent forward, he slammed CenHuan, drew her to his side, four eyes relative, he sounds as if from hell: “CenHuan, without my permission, you must not to anyone, especially any man smile, not happy, don’t love any man.”Cen Huan stiffened her back and nodded gently.After a while, Fu hansheng seemed less angry than at first. She asked carefully, “I promise everything.Will you spare Xi City now?”Fu hansheng’s grip on her arm suddenly increased, and Cen Huan gave a cry of pain. Fu Hansheng smiled and said: “Also, Cen Huan, don’t talk to other men in front of me.”Cen huan said “um” softly, but before she could react, Fu Hansheng suddenly turned over.She heard Fu Hansheng funny her mouth hard, his thin cool voice Yin test to ring in her ear, said: “Cen Huan, you don’t want me to let go of that man, then your attitude is better, serve me comfortable, I can put him.”(Click the link below to read the novel.) 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