Enter oneself for an examination to build what material should submit

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What materials should be submitted for registration: Candidates’ application form, academic certificates, work certificates and copies of id cards should be submitted for registration.But each province examination requirement is different, the data that place needs examinee to prepare enters oneself for an examination also has certain distinction.Candidates can log on to the official website to find out what materials they need before registering.Although different materials around the requirements, but the following materials are necessary: 1, a registration form, the registration form needs to be stamped with the official seal of the enterprise or unit.2, a copy of the original diploma, the copy also needs to be stamped with the official seal of the enterprise or unit, and the original is used for checking.3, a copy of the front and back of the candidate’s ID card, but also with the official seal of the enterprise or unit.4, a copy of professional and technical position qualification certificate and the original, the copy of the company or enterprise seal, the original to check.
5. Candidates who apply for exemption from the first construction examination also need to provide proof of working in project management.6, the examinee oneself work unit or the enterprise has the legal person independent qualification, need to show the enterprise or the unit’s industrial and commercial business license copy of a copy.A construction registration examination, take is informed commitment system, that is, candidates can directly register on the official website, the staff will review the materials submitted by candidates online.Candidates in the registration only need to follow the steps, after the material review can be officially registered.After paying the test fee, you can register successfully. Therefore, you have to pay the fee within the specified time.If the candidate’s materials do not pass the online review or cannot be reviewed online, the required materials will be reviewed on site.2022 class A construction division preparation training camp global network school a construction guide 9 yuan to buy a column