Blue line: 2021 total water down 200 million is still two yuan mobile tour krypton gold list goalkeeper

2022-05-17 0 By

Bilan Airlines has officially released its annual total flow data for 2021. This year, under the influence and impact of the overall environment, the overall flow performance of bilan airlines has declined a lot, but this is a normal phenomenon and operation. Even so, Bilan Airlines is still the goalkeeper of the second yuan mobile games.PS:Mobile game observation data from the domestic secondary yuan first said there is the blue line of the overall krypton gold, the clothes that can obviously see out not line, blue line is more dependent on krypton gold players is given priority to, a day and can clearly see that the united players krypton gold potential in infinite growth, can say the blue line is a very successful abroad hold,And perfect and successful cheat krypton an excellent domestic two yuan mobile tour, this aspect is worthy of praise.But this year the overall blue routes lie to krypton dropped a lot of water, this has nothing to do with the game itself, after all, the core of the blue line cheat krypton point is the skin, and the influence of the domestic environment and regulations, the domestic many to skin are changed and modified, the classic swimsuit skin and so on without the previous year to direct and to force, it is indisputable fact that,So cheat krypton point discount, directly hit the fracture, resulting in water drop is normal operation.Game the reputation as a whole, however, is still the current domestic secondary yuan mobile game the best, not one of the current environment can only racketeer blue line of word of mouth, only he ride the public, other games planning and operations are basically get the state of the spray is given priority to, is the blue line, special is, after all, no krypton can have top body mobile game, feeling and krypton gold big head is the skin,And this game you do not krypton skin, large probability is no brother of the commander, but many female commander can not carry the skin offensive, visible to the extent of its power.Summary for the blue line is still secondary yuan mobile game of the goalkeeper, the water below the blue line is basically fair can see the mobile game, mobile game and the blue line above the water, secondary yuan in the mobile game relatively phenomenon level and the type of the players to play more, hope to stabilise in 2022, the blue line, can develop better and better.