Another bad switch that nearly broke up the family?The more beautiful the daughter grows, the more doubtful she is

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Wrong in this event in terms of which are artificial, for all the evidence points to steal, but Lao du water duck mouth shut, anyway don’t admit is stolen, also the whole thing every day, everywhere to stop looking for the truth, is preached himself to say the truth, can do do something has nothing to do with the truth, criticise us, like the whole out something,Having good while nurse xu min can’t change the truth of the wrong, but Lao du failed after all, in the wrong results yet, one is the parties to choose silence, just want to take advantage of the loopholes in the very long time, we trust you did not find any evidence to, because the evidence was destroyed by human, the second is the huaihe river hospital would rather lose money than to track events,All this can only prove that there is an inseparable relationship between them, and they are not willing to lose money to prove the hospital’s innocence!By 28 events bring a lot of problems, especially those who looked at children grow, unlike their parents, more can’t sleep ah, whether a child is being changed, or is the wife was having an affair, that question has also led to some families happen crisis, brush to a video today, said a Mr Li for his long not outstanding, is looking for the daughter-in-law now,Because she don’t abandon my looks, two people quickly flash marriage, his wife, Mr Li is more meticulous care during pregnancy, his wife gave birth to a daughter, more long more beautiful, as the daughter li suspect that the daughter is not his own, also doubt whether his wife carry his own doing so sorry he did DNA, then the test does not matter,Neither Mr. Li’s nor his wife’s, which means the baby was probably switched at birth!I think this event is not alone, perhaps in the past there are a lot of children were wrong which s arms, but the most terrible is some medical personnel, taking advantage of one’s position said to pregnant women, children’s unhealthy, or have a serious illness, or said, citing its infant death, doing the baby trafficking in act of making exorbitant profits, once for a while before brush to a pregnant women gave birth to twin sons,But she was sold by a nurse and refused to admit it.Through the February 8th incident, I have a new understanding of the profession of doctors and nurses. Not all people wearing white coats are angels in white. Being bad is not the most terrible thing.Of course, there are still many good doctors and nurses who stick to the front lines every day, especially during the epidemic. Their courage and responsibility are admirable. At critical moments, they do not hesitate to rush to the most dangerous front lines!People live a life to live clean and honest!In order to live safely and sleep comfortably, we should accumulate blessings for our children and grandchildren!Today is the 30th of the Year, I wish you all good luck in the Year of the Tiger, the year of the tiger, Tim billion!