What pages do you need to do SEO?

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As a search engine optimization (seo) staff, most of us have a perfect heart, so, we can see a lot of sites do all kinds of changes, but I don’t know whether you found the perfect website there is no standard answer, different search engine optimization is defined, for example, a perfect website search engine optimization, it needs many page composition?Based on this question, we did the following: How many page combinations does a perfect SEO site need?According to the experience of previous website planning, we think :1. Page properties to make a perfect website, we should first know the properties of different page combinations in the website:① Details page the most traditional website page is a detail page, page content, most of it is to solve specific problems, such as independent blog website blog, enterprise website product page, download website download details page, it can be said that the basic page of the site must be a detail page, so we want to ensure the effectiveness of the details page.(2) polymerization page aggregation page contains more, such as category pages, tag page, theme, etc., these pages are the basis of detail page, polymerization page is detail page aggregation, but its weight is higher than the detail page, because the page can solve the problem of more users, so in order to improve the authority of polymerization page, we need to do is aggregated page relevance,You can aggregate by a few key rows, but you need related aggregations more.③ A single page and a single page.In general, this page plays a supporting role.This single page does not belong to any category.Aggregated pages and urls typically display the ID number directly after the primary field.Its value is mainly reflected in the auxiliary value.It usually appears in website introductions.For our pages, these pages are not very valuable for SEO, but they are very important for ux design.2. The definition of a perfect SEO website the definition of a perfect website varies from person to person.What we need to think about is not whether we think it’s perfect.Our main concerns should be:(1) the public cognition in the first place, our website to browse the user, so users feel is perfect, perfect the public feeling is perfect various pages, web site design is clear, easy to click, of course, is one of the most important content, so the public think of the perfect site can solve the problem, we need to do more the content of the page to solve the problems of the users, is the public think perfect site.(2) search engine search engine think perfect web is not entirely web page combination, but according to your web site search engine determine whether can meet the needs of users, the most important difference is that search engines think what you need, so we need to meet the needs of search engines, need to refer to the user’s needs,So we think to meet the needs of search engines can be defined as clear structure, conducive to crawling, in enough detail pages, do more aggregated pages, make the site internal links closer, improve the value of each page.Of course, while meeting the needs of the public and search engines for a perfect site, we also need to consider how perfect we can be :① Research target users We think the most important thing is to research the perfect site users want, search the same keywords, but the needs of users are not exactly the same.We need to consider whether the potential needs of the users can be met and the number of pages on the site can be combined with those needs.(2) the research of SEO resources, of course, you also need to consider how much you have the resources to meet the needs of users, for example, if you have more to fill the content of the website, so, polymerization page can be more, of course, so we talk about search engine optimization (SEO), which is a perfect does not mean that the site search engine optimization techniques, site weight, but the site can meet the needs of many target users,When you have a certain number of accurate users and your site value is high, it is a truly perfect SEO site, and the specific page combination is a supplementary factor.Conclusion: A perfect SEO website, it needs how many page combinations, we discuss here, the above content, for reference only.