This “complaint” is directed at Gulou Dagen Community!

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On March 26, the “12345” platform posted an article titled “Dagen Community Nucleic acid Sampling Site Organized and Managed in an orderly way, Give it a thumbs up!”Complaints”, so that the gulou district east street root community cadres and workers break.Everyone’s efforts have been recognized by residents, so that Dagen community Party secretary, director Hu Jun feel gratified.Yesterday morning, Hu Jun arrived at the Dagen Community Service Center office on time to divide the work for everyone. After that, he went to several free management communities to check the establishment of the “epidemy-free community” and began to take measures in the area. “After the outbreak of the epidemic, I walked around the area almost every day, and could not get home until late at night or even early in the morning.”During his busiest days, Hu said, he fought for three days. He fell asleep during a meeting on the street and was forced to go home for an afternoon rest.In the first round of regional nucleic acid testing, the nucleic acid sampling site of Dabingen community in Dazhigen was the peak of sampling sites with fast circulation in Fuzhou at that time. More than 3000 people were sampled within 2 hours.At the sampling site, Hu jun’s mobile phone was almost flooded with calls, and he lost his voice as he answered the phone while dealing with problems at the site.On March 26, “12345” platform received a special “complaint” for nucleic acid sampling in Dagen community. Hu Jun attributed this to residents, units and enterprises in the jurisdiction.”I didn’t have enough samplers, so I called Huang Jinchun, general manager of Fuzhou Dent Stomatological Hospital for help. The hospital sent inspectors and volunteers, and then undertook sampling tasks at two other points in the area.”Hu jun said that when arranging the sampling site, the staff of shops along the street helped to install isolation barriers, paste a rice noodle, and set up a tea stand to serve the residents. We all worked together to prevent the epidemic, which was touching.This year, 45, wu jun after retired from military work in east street last September 17 years to the big root community was the director of community party secretary, at the same time is also responsible for street ZongZhi, safety and other work colleagues said he is “east street 110” incident is the first present wu jun’s wife is also a community cadres although elderly frail old man son face examination in the home,In the face of the epidemic, the couple did not hesitate to stick to the front line