The three men are sick and possessive of the ancient language abuse love “Through the girl to escape” crazy and spoiled

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Hello, everyone, I heard that you are short of books, boring and can not find a good book, is it, also as a small book fans today to recommend you a good novel, let book fans in minutes to read addictions do not sleep!, if you feel good, I hope you are handsome, handsome, charming, beautiful little brother little sister to small make up the article point a like plus a concern yo!Small make up recommend everyone today: the three men of pathological possessiveness sm ancient words “through lady want to flee” crazy, spoil first book: “the princess not: abdominal black sovereign deceives the couch author: XinZhe wonderful extracts from priority: damp cell have to also spread foul odours, YunYuQi held himself as a shrinkage in the corner.She would have thrown up if she hadn’t been exposed to such harsh conditions.Oh, no, now she can’t throw up if she wants to, and she hasn’t eaten for two days and nights.She could only wait for Gu Yijin to come and let her out.After all, her status, her unprovoked death at Cabernet Mansion, is bound to lead to trouble.When the time comes, from the king will be united phase house, by her yunyuqi’s death, borrow play.As long as Gu Yijin is smart, she will not die here.And if he had wanted to die, she would not be alive now.She was right. On the third day, when she was about to give up, someone finally came and brought her food.The food’s a little sour, but it’s better than nothing.Three under five in addition to a sweep and light, can be regarded as a recovery of some strength.”You said she ate it all without saying anything?”Gu Yijin couldn’t believe what she was hearing.She surprised him by not saying a word for three days without any food.(click on the below free reading) the second: “through lady want to flee” author: small goldfish wonderful extracts from priority: the three men of pathological possessiveness sm ancient words “through lady want to flee” crazy, spoil, like candle flickering, light tea fragrance of miss cheung, xi above the bed covered with where the red xi, covered with big red jujube groundnuts and above, early birth of meaning.I wore a phoenix coronet and robes of rank, with black hair tied up high, and a line of silver magpies and pearls stuck in a concentric bun.Eyebrow dyes green dai to be like xiliu, the almond eye that is changing peach red makeup is infected right now with a tense, the acupoint short knife that is wearing happy robe is accompanied also tremblingly unceasingly.There was a sound of frantic footsteps outside the door, and then the door was pushed open. The girl in the colorful dress opened her mouth and shouted, as if in great anxiety, “Something’s wrong, come with me quickly.”The footsteps receded, and the room was eerily quiet.I couldn’t take it anymore. I tore Off Shep and ran out the door.The moon was clear, the stars were thin, the voices of insects and people were loud, and the corridor across the river rose with a fishy smell, straight and deep.Ignoring my fears, I ran as fast as I could to the end, not noticing my feet, tripping on the corner of my skirt and landing face down on the bluestone floor.I pain of grinning teeth, along while did not climb up.Ear spread a hissing, a pair of embroidered Feng zhu long pan hi shoes came into view.I looked up with a shudder in my head and gasped for a moment as I saw the face of the man in front of me.Flying black eyebrow, clear from the picturesque eyes, the corners of the mouth hook if there is no smile, wild charm is like the goblins in the mural, beautiful and flawless, moving.Priority: May, just after the end of spring, the weather can not wait for the hot.The sun, the harshness of the yanjing shining the earth, and the street vendors are hide in the shade, so hot weather, miss master suffered impatient to go out of a large house, only to toil with the poor, carry on well water soak the cold rice wine, the tireless work through each big wager shop tea garden, expect thirsty tired people spend five COINS to buy a bowl of, can buy a bag of rice,Boil more than two POTS of porridge, carry three days of living.At the east corner of the city, there is a brand new house with a very high plaque. In the middle of the plaque, the words “No.1 yuan and” are written in gold. This is the mansion and the plaque given by Emperor Hongxiao to the new No.1 yuan, which represents a very high honor.If the scholar got such a piece, the family should cry to comfort the ancestors.The new house, the royal plaque, and the people rushing to and fro in the courtyard, but outside in the summer, the house was cold.Xu is the house to remove the summer ice, but the more to the side of the wall in the yard, the more cold.There were three people sitting outside the last room by the wall.Two young maids in pink dresses and a plump middle-aged woman were sitting on stools in front of them, with a stack of red melon seeds and a pot of plum soup. As they ate and gossiped, they seemed more at ease than their masters.The servant girl on the far left looked back at the window and said, “It’s hot, and the smell of medicine in this room can’t go out. I feel so uncomfortable that I don’t know when it will end.””Talk about your master behind your back, little hoof,” warned the older woman. “Beware of your master peeling your skin.”The pink dress servant girl disapproves: “how can?His lordship has not been in his lady’s yard for three months. ‘”He lowered his voice again.” If it had been any other man –“She twisted her lip again. “I say, let’s put an end to ourselves and get our reputation. If we live like that, we’ll be a drag on others.”The old woman still wanted to talk, and another servant girl said, “In fact, your wife is also very poor. She is so beautiful, she is so talented, she is so good-natured. Who would have known such a thing would happen to her?”(Click below to read for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation. What kind of novel do you like to read? 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