Fight disease?An expectant mother is due to give birth at 35 weeks.We’ve got vegetables, we’ve got meat, we’ve got inspection

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Mr. Li, who lives in Area B of Shuangxiu Home, Kangqiao Town, Pudong New Area, turned to “Xinmin Bangnong Bang” for help. His wife was in the late pregnancy for more than 35 weeks, and their baby could be born at any time. He needed to go to the hospital for necessary prenatal examination.District can be controlled for several days, has been unable to go to the hospital.These two days, the living materials in the home are in short supply.”It is difficult for us to buy food online, and we are running out of meat and vegetables given out by the neighborhood committee. Who can help us?”Mr. Li said, seeing the baby is about to be born, this stage to do a regular pregnancy test, for the fetus and pregnant women, are very important.More worrying for expectant mothers and fathers, vegetables and meat are becoming scarce as time goes on.”My wife is the most in need of nutrition, I get up every morning to grab food, but helpless ‘hand speed’ is not fast enough, often can not buy food.It doesn’t matter if I eat less, just for fear that mom and baby can’t keep up with nutrition.”On April 5, the reporter contacted the town of Kangqiao Shuangxiu home neighborhood committee.The staff said they had received Mr Li’s request for help and were coordinating their resources.”There has been a round of unified distribution of supplies in the town before, and now the second round of distribution plan will be carried out soon. The town will also deploy staff to deliver vegetables door to door.”Staff said, as for Mr. Li’s wife, the neighborhood committee is also trying to communicate with them as soon as possible to help them docking hospital.On April 7, the reporter learned from the town of Cambridge, through the efforts of relevant departments, the neighborhood committee and volunteers have for Mr. Li’s home “send food to the door,” at the same time, but also to help them contact the hospital.”We have given the couple the hospital’s contact information, and they will make an appointment with the hospital.At that time, the neighborhood committee will also open a ‘green channel’ to ensure pregnant women go to hospitals under the premise of implementing prevention and control measures.””We have vegetables, we have meat, we have inspection…The heart is settled, the heart is at ease, the heart is warm!”In Mr. Li’s reply to the reporter’s wechat, between the lines, is full of practical and “small lucky”.