Dai’s first trade report accuses China of playing by the rules and threatens to force it to change its behaviour

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According to the Global Times on February 17, Gao Feng, spokesperson of China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), refuted the first trade assessment report submitted to the US Congress by The OFFICE of the US Trade Representative (USTR) Dai Qi a day earlier.Gao Said the US side smeared China in the report for not playing by the rules and tried to label China as “non-market oriented” leading to unfair competition.This statement lacks the basis of international economic and trade rules and is completely inconsistent with the facts.From the global scope, there are different market economy models in all countries of the world.The success of China’s economy over the past four decades is the success of the Chinese model and a valuable experience for China’s economic development.Gao also responded to another part of the report concerning US trade policy towards China.In this part, the US report claims that China has not fulfilled the commitment of opening its market to the outside world made when it joined the WTO. Instead, it has expanded the non-market economy and trade mode dominated by the state, challenged the RULES of the WTO, and caused serious harm to the “world” or the US and the West.China’s leadership is confident of current economic policy because it “does not feel the need to follow global rules”.The United States needs to strengthen its existing trade tools to adapt to and counter China’s trade policies in the new situation.The report also threatens to work with its Allies through the World Trade Organization to pressure China to force changes in its trade practices.Gao Pointed out that China has taken note of this statement by the US side.China believes that as a wto member, the US should make its trade instruments conform to the WTO rules, instead of setting up a new set of rules in the name of seeking a new strategy, which is actually unilateralism, protectionism and bullying.China and the United States share huge common interests and cooperation is the only right choice.We hope that the US side will adopt rational and pragmatic economic and trade policies towards China, meet China halfway in the principle of mutual respect and mutual benefit and bring China-Us relations back to the right track of sound and stable development.At the end, Gao revealed that the economic and trade teams of the two sides have maintained normal communication and exchanges.The trade issue has been the most heated and frequent issue between China and the United States in the past year.According to data released by the US Department of Commerce on February 8, the US trade deficit in goods and goods hit an unprecedented 859.1 billion US dollars in 2021, with the trade deficit soaring 18.3 percent to 1.09 trillion US dollars.China was the single largest trade deficit country, with a goods deficit of $355.3 billion, up 14.5 percent from $310.3 billion a year earlier and nearly $250 billion more than Mexico, the second-largest trade deficit country.It is worth mentioning that US exports to China grew by 21.4% to reach $151.1 billion in 2021.Given the huge increase in the US deficit with China, it is no wonder that Americans feel something has gone wrong and are desperately trying to pin the blame on China.In fact, trade between China and the United States is the most consistent with economic laws. The industrial transfer since the beginning of the last century and the economic and trade disputes since the beginning of this century are actually what the United States did to Japan and South Korea, ASEAN and Latin American countries.However, in the past, the United States still had strong enough national strength, its domestic manufacturing industry still had certain vitality, and the competitors it wanted to attack lacked sufficient size and confidence to fight against the Hegemony of the United States, so it was repeatedly successful.As a result, the American harvest is increasing, and the greed of American capital is also increasing.The tidal wave of the dollar is getting higher and higher until it hits the impenetrable wall built by China to defend its own interests and is forced to stop. On the contrary, it irritates the Americans extremely and accuses China of not being on guard and alert against the United States for its own interests.The report from the American side clearly exposes the robber nature of the Americans.Although the three sentences in the report from the world trade organization (wto) and the international order, but the reality is that americans say “global” is refers to the United States alone, says the international organization is a single refers to serve the interests of the American international group, said is the international rules of the United States and its accomplices have formulated a series of used to curb crackdown against the “French help rule” of other countries.What americans really want to do is harvest China’s wealth to fill America’s now empty Treasury, to prop up the growing bubble in the New York stock market, and to feed the endless greed of American capital and politicians.Because of this, the WTO, once the most important international organization in the world, was paralyzed by the Americans because it occasionally did not obey the will of the United States in dealing with international trade disputes.Europe, once the most important partner of the United States, only showed its willingness to support the euro to go international, but it has been troubled by the United States with the Kosovo crisis, the refugee tide and the Ukraine crisis, and even failed to complete the internal integration.As peak spokesman when dismissed the report puts it, just like Coca-Cola global democracy is not a taste, countries around the world there is a different mode of market economy, the development of the national road shall be decided by the countries themselves, for their own road is the right way, rather than American airborne one or two of the Chicago school economists can all around.When theory is divorced from reality, there are bound to be utopian and impractical problems.Only a theory that has been tested by practice is a correct theory. China has proved the success of market economy with Chinese characteristics with its own construction achievements, which has important reference value for other countries in the international community that have been oppressed and exploited by the United States, and has also objectively intensified the fear of Americans.Needless to say, the U.S. is now eager to harvest enough flesh from anywhere in the world to feed its hungry domestic economic cycle, which is an important factor that stimulates the U.S. to issue such and such reports and policies against China so urgently that it doesn’t even care about the ugliness of eating.In this case, how to deal with threats and challenges in the United States is only the first level, how to successfully deal with stress in the United States, for the future of the world to construct a set of truly accords with the order of justice and fairness, rather than rules in the service of a handful of hegemony countries, but also all countries, including China, must be seriously considered and treated century difficult problem.