Cordiac compared to explore yue, Strange jun: who said the joint venture SUV has no cost performance?

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If you are given 200,000 yuan and asked to choose a joint venture SUV, I believe most people will choose a suitable model between the German and Japanese camps.But if we broaden our horizons, we can actually find that there is a joint venture SUV that combines German technology and Japanese practicality in the market: the Skoda Kodiak.Does it really have the strength to challenge the Volkswagen Tanyue and Nissan Strange jun?Don’t say a word. Let them learn.Look vs. Buy a car. The Skoda Kodiak has been on the market for a long time, but its exterior design still looks outdated.The overall shape of Cordiac is very tough, 1883mm wide body and 2791mm large wheelbase create a massive body, SUV should have such a sense of volume.For the front position, Kodiak used Skoda’s signature straight waterfall intake grille, which is highly recognizable.The headlights on both sides narrow upward, creating a sharp visual effect.The full LED headlights are also integrated with five lighting modes to improve the safety of driving at night.The roof line of the Cordiac starts from the A-pillar and presses down slowly, which balances the headspace and the dynamic posture of the side.The three-dimensional waist line runs through the front and rear wing panels, and the square wheel arch adds a sense of strength.The LED taillight at the rear of the car adopts the C-shaped shape, and the cutting lines of the lamp group are integrated with the outline of the body. The skills of designers and engineers are demonstrated here.Tanyuk is more sporty than traditional Volkswagen SUVs. As a brand new model, tanyuk has no ideological burden, and its exterior design presents a very high degree of completion.The front grille and the headlights are integrated, which makes the front face of the exploration look more integrated.One of its few highlights is A chrome trim that runs from pillar A to Pillar D.New fund strange jun still continued the design concept of the previous generation of models, the v-shaped grille size of family type is more exaggerated, the lamp group on both sides also replaced the split type structure fashionably.The car side design of Strange jun strengthens the design of D-pillar, through the corner of the side window to make the D-pillar more prominent, more powerful sense.The new strange jun continues to use the horizontal taillight group, the new style of the lamp group tightly attached to the shoulder line of the rear wing sub-board, so that the strange Jun side and rear vision looks more stable and solid.The interior emphasizes the wide-body concept in contrast to the Skoda Kodiac interior.The wide and smooth center console design does not feel depressed.10 color atmosphere lamp adds a lively atmosphere to this slightly serious interior.In an era of larger screens, Skoda Kodiak opted for a 9.2-inch multimedia screen that sits between the front air-conditioner air outlet and is just the right size to not interfere with the view of the car.The built-in Skoda Smart Car system supports intelligent voice and intelligent car control, without dropping any of the snazzy voice control functions.Cordiac’s 10.25-inch LCD dashboard has four display modes.The newly added digital air conditioning touch panel will show the effect of extinguishing the screen when the vehicle is flameout, and the panel will light up after ignition, making the operation more convenient and the sense of science and technology more outstanding.In addition to the regular storage compartments and cup holders, Kodiak also has a double glove box on the passenger side.The depth of the upper glove box after opening is very impressive, and it is quite practical to put a bag of paper or some odds and ends in the daily car.The family style design of Volkswagen SUV is still “carried forward” here in Tanyue.The multimedia screen is embedded in the central control panel, which tilts slightly to the driver’s side for daily operation. The air conditioner air outlet and touch-controlled air conditioner panel are in turn below, making it easier to get started.The design of the public is often ridiculed by the person to cover baby, explore yue this interior hard to avoid lets a person feel aesthetic fatigue.The interior of strange jun of new fund changes very big.The whole central console changed to horizontal layout, various elements in the car are also horizontal spread out, a strong sense of unity.The new Qijun is indeed ahead of Japanese SUVs by switching to a multimedia screen with a narrow bezel and built-in local Internet connection.The shape of the electronic stopper is very delicate, and it can also be used as a wrist rest in daily life. The humanized details are well done.Power comparison The power specifications of Skoda Kodiak are shared from Volkswagen Group, and the 2.0-t engine with high and low power meets the needs of non-use consumers.With the 330TSI and 380TSI tail-ends matching the 186hp and 220hp versions respectively, the Volkswagen Group’s EA888 is widely praised for its fuel-efficient daily drive and its almost seamless pairing with the seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.The entire cordiac series is available in 5 and 7 seats.At 4.7m or so, the third row is bound to be a bit cramped, but there is no problem with temporary rides.With the third row of seats folded up and the same space in the trunk as the five-seater, it’s always good to have another car scenario.Skoda Kodiak has six driving modes, including economy, Standard, Sport, personalized, off-road and snow.The driver can switch the suitable driving mode according to the current driving rhythm.The high-power version also supports four-wheel drive. The fifth-generation Haldex Hede differential accurately distributes front and rear axle torque while reducing weight and improving fuel economy.The five-seater version of the cordiac 330TSI has a guide price of less than 200,000 yuan, and even the seven-seater version has a guide price of only 203,900 yuan.This is probably the most cost-effective joint venture 2.0T displacement 7-seater SUV, the price is self-evident.There are three power combinations of 1.4T and 2.0T for the whole series, but there are no 7-seat versions for the whole series.Tanyue’s guide price is also relatively high, with the whole series priced above 200,000 yuan. The guide price for the 1.4T 150-horsepower model is 204,900 yuan, and the 2.0-ton high-power four-wheel drive version is 264,900 yuan.Nissan Strange Jun is equipped with a 1.5T three-cylinder engine, although the technical content of this engine is very high, and the overall book parameters are bright enough, but the acceptance degree of the three-cylinder engine is still weaker than the four-cylinder machine.Strange jun of new fund matchs version on tall still advocate advocate 4 drive, it offers 4 drive system from the version of 212,900 yuan of above, with it will resist day fasts compete to taste mix move system, this can yet be regarded as a kind of clever configuration logic.Different from the face requirements of public business vehicles, it is more important to consider the practicality of family SUVs. In this respect, Skoda Kodiak actually performs quite well.Its shape design is powerful, tough style and SUV body shape is very compatible.In the interior, LCD meters and touch-sensitive air conditioning panels create a sense of technology. Space and power are the advantages of Kodiac.Such a cost-effective joint venture SUV is worth considering for family users.