Circular on Health Management and Services for Visitors and Returnees from Key Areas in the Near Future (No. 12)

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Regarding the key areas of health management services to return dragon staff notice (12) in light of the recent outbreak of severe complex domestic, Hong Kong number of new cases of record one-day repeatedly, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, liaoning, jiangsu, guangdong, guangxi, yunnan and other provinces and cities more outbreaks, for real “external input, strengthen control work,To reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic and protect the health and safety of the people, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:A, consciously take the initiative to declare high-risk areas in the recent history of living in Hong Kong, or to report cases of living history in the key areas to return dragon staff, must be the first time to the streets, unit, community (village) in or hotel report, or through the “wenzhou epidemic prevention code” fill in “return to temperature prediction to declare” declare independently, actively cooperate with the implementation of the health management measures accordingly.Such as concealment, will be included in the personal credit investigation system, serious circumstances resulting in adverse consequences, will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.Strengthening management of Key Personnel “14+7+7” health management measures will be implemented for Hong Kong visitors and returnees.Health management measures, including “14+7”, “7+7”, “3+11” and “2+14”, will be implemented in key regions such as Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Guangdong, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Yunnan.Those who come from low-risk areas outside the province should hold a nucleic acid test negative certificate within 48 hours and cannot provide the nucleic acid test. They should take a nucleic acid test within 24 hours after temperature arrival.Nucleic acid testing is recommended for those who have been in contact with people from Hong Kong, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Suzhou and other affected areas.3. Comprehensive grid screening should be carried out in villages (communities), communities, hotels, guesthouse and other places to truthfully register the information of foreign personnel, take the initiative to screen people from Hong Kong, Inner Mongolia and other key areas, and report to the local streets in time if relevant personnel are found.Airports, passenger stations and high-speed bayonets should strictly check key personnel and implement corresponding health management measures.Four, strictly examine the “wenzhou epidemic prevention code” authority in enterprises and institutions, the farmer’s market, medical institutions, large business super, residential area, the project site, traffic depot, “four small shops” (including small restaurants, small shops and small hotels, entertainment venues) and other kinds of places to continue to keep good “door”, adhere to the current limit, make an appointment, peak,The prevention and control measures of “temperature measurement + Lighting (scanning) Wenzhou epidemic prevention code + wearing a mask” and keeping a safe distance are strictly implemented. If the epidemic prevention code is red and yellow or the travel card is Red Cross or shows “restricted gathering”, it shall be reported to the local streets in a timely manner.Crowded places should install code scanning equipment or apply “Wenzhou epidemic prevention code – site code”.Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent COVID-19. If there are no contraindications, eligible citizens should complete full vaccination as soon as possible, especially those over 60 years old, and those who have received full vaccination for more than six months.Please get booster shots at all vaccination sites in Longwan District as soon as possible to build a nationwide immune barrier.Citizens are urged to pay close attention to personal protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, keep good ventilation, avoid crowds, and maintain healthy living habits such as “one meter noodles”. They should not go to medium-high risk areas, and reduce mail order or express delivery of cold-chain food, fruits and other goods from overseas countries and regions with high risk of COVID-19.In and out of all kinds of public places actively cooperate with the implementation of “temperature measurement + light (sweep) Wenzhou epidemic code + wear masks” and other epidemic prevention measures.Office of the Leading Group on COVID-19 Prevention and Control, Longwan District, February 19, 2022The first Session of the 9th People’s Congress of Longwan District in Wenzhou opened. The leaders of Longwan District participated in the discussion of delegations and sectors groups, discussed development plans, talked about a bright future, full of dry goods, relevant to you!Read the Longwan District Government work Report