There is no other way of learning, ask its rest assured

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Mencius was a skillful scholar. In the process of reading, he explored and summarized unique learning methods, and eventually became a Confucian master second only to Confucius, known as the “Sub-sage”.Today we come to learn a saying of Mencius about reading: “There is no other way of learning.The way of learning is nothing, fundamentally speaking, is to find their own lost heart.This line of pursuit of learning is also the focus of Mencius’ thoughts.The human heart is always wandering around outside, it needs to be found through learning.The most important thing for us to do is to find and return to our original mind through the media of books and knowledge.The ultimate destination of learning, especially humanities learning, must be to return to the level of thinking about life and life to have temperature, height and significance.In terms of learning Chinese culture, how did our ancients learn it?Ancient children learn sinology enlightenment “three Character Classic”, the first thing to do is to recite, don’t understand, first recite, first let these classics into the heart, become part of their own inner, and then use a lifetime to understand, to practice.With the growth of our age, rich knowledge and experience, people’s hearts will become complicated, and even sophisticated, smooth, and even evil, despicable, the heart is gradually lost.Therefore, ancient sages attach great importance to finding or keeping their pure heart through learning, and the purpose of “Tao Wen Xue” is to “honor morality”.Our daily learning is also the same, learning is “six classics note me”, through learning, to find the true self, to find their own heart through learning reading to become practical, to seek a peace of mind, get rid of the inner chaos, anxiety, hesitation and even tangled and persistent.We pursue knowledge, the purpose of learning is not to show off, but to shine the mind.Confucius said: ancient scholars for themselves, today’s scholars for others.In ancient times, people learn to improve their self-cultivation, which is completely their own inner needs, in order to seek their own peace of mind.Nowadays people study only to show off to others, which misses the real meaning of study.