Pearl River Channel cantonese voice actors tell you, why do cantonese people not watch Guangdong TV

2022-05-14 0 By

It has been more than ten years since I last watched a series of guangdong TV’s Zhujiang Channel. Recently, I am suddenly interested in watching it for a while. In fact, the main purpose of this series is to know whether the dubbing actors of Zhujiang Channel have retired and whether the Cantonese dubbing has made progress.As a result, or disappointed!This time pearl River stage is rolling out by tong Liya and tong dawei lead the city affection drama “the centimeter of love”, when male and female leading role opens a speech however, that old days of a kind of familiar feeling came back.Yeah, it’s the same jarring, creepy feeling it had back then.Faced with such dubbing, I wonder how many young viewers can stay through an episode.Some people said that the Chinese New Year is rare to go home once, originally wanted to accompany grandpa watch TV drama, but it was too difficult, pearl River TV series broadcast, can only quietly back to the room to play mobile phone.It’s really hard for these Cantonese dubbing actors from Zhujiang TV station to stick to their jobs conscientiously for decades.A lot of people ask, aren’t they retired?Perhaps many of them have reached the retirement age, but they all love such a dubbing job so much that even though their voices are getting older and weaker, they can’t bear to say goodbye to the audience.When I listened to the radio before, I thought that many DJS in Cantonese radio stations had good sound, but when I came to Pearl River Radio station, I really couldn’t understand why the cantonese dubbing voices were so bad. The harshness in the voice was really hard to describe with words, maybe only the cantonese audience could really feel it in their hearts.A lot of people sigh, why doesn’t pearl River station take a kind of innovative spirit, always so conservative, the dubbing staff should be changed when the change, “exotic daughter-in-law local Lang” should be stopped when the stop broadcast, don’t always sell those old people advertising, rare really have to rely on the support of 70 and 80 old audience?