Do you know: Not only Does He not care about infighting in the house, but the old lady also doesn’t seem to care about fighting for concubines

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Minglan imperious side leakage to sheng old lady for justice catch Kang aunt after the end, Sheng Hong just reflected this daughter for many years in the pig eat tiger, clever sensible side is all pretend to come out, even his father was cunning Minglan in the dark.When Sheng Hong wants to continue to ridicule Ming LAN, Ming LAN suddenly opens his mouth and speaks back about The temper of Sheng Hong, saying that he does so in order to save his life, who let Sheng Hong only value the rise and fall of the family and don’t care about the in-fighting in the house!Sheng Hong was speechless by her daughter’s words, crying soberly after Minglan left, was her own daughter torn face without anger can also introspection, had to say That Sheng Hong is also a rare father.And Sheng Hong is also learned from the old lady, we find no, not only he does not care about the house fighting, sheng old lady seems to care about the means of concubine, as long as it does not come to her head, sheng old lady is also happy to see the existence of the play.As Ming LAN said, Sheng Hong, like most men, wants not only prosperity and wealth to help his wife, but also a concubine with sweet and gentle meaning. He knows that the two will not be peaceful together, but as long as it does not come to his own eyes, he can pretend a happy scene in the prosperous times.Sheng old lady is the same, for many years never intervene after the house dispute, even if it is involved in Minglan, she can stay out of it, let others think she did not kiss Minglan.Shing lee the butler button entered the palace, wanda lady caught small niang secretly out of the house of handle, Lin and framed as a small niang wait-the widowed housewife sells, Lin sheng the old lady although angry when listen to, but not to be mean, but mother make room to stimulate wanda lady hurriedly let small niang, Lin claimed that he fainted at the same time, always can let lily of valley at a critical moment to take a message,Lin niang saw all sigh old lady from the good skill, only wang Danniang a silly was in the dark.Later, When Ming LAN and Mo LAN clashed, The old lady only asked what happened and then ran away, handing over the right of disposition to Sheng Hong and never asking questions.Before Wei’s mother died in childbirth, the old lady also clearly knew that it was Lin’s doing, but she just scolded Sheng Hong a few words to settle the matter, without any intention of punishing him.This can be seen, sheng old lady is also a play pig eat tiger good hand, as long as the matter is not her own she can hang high, once involved in her care about things, such as The Ming LAN, wang Dazi she is not punished very smoothly?As for the other things that happened in the back house of The Sheng family, all have nothing to do with the old lady Sheng. Sheng Hong is not her own son and is not filial, and Wei Xiaoniang’s child is not her own grandson without feelings. Only Ming LAN warms grandmother’s heart, the old lady Sheng is willing to offend people for her.