Dantes’ Society optimized the business environment to promote the high-quality development of human and social undertakings

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Since the strong dantu district, industry area and optimize the environment of business conference, zhenjiang dantu district human resources and social security bureau based on “one thousand ways to steady employment, persistent excellent service” for the development of positioning, to carry out the people special action club areas to optimize the business environment and continuously enhance the level of public services, more measures to optimize business environment, to achieve dantu economic contribution to the development of high quality power.Since last year, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Dantu District has deepened the reform of social security, improved its public service capacity, and vigorously promoted employment and entrepreneurship, making positive contributions to building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.The region created 5,192 new urban jobs, exceeding its targets for high-quality employment, and helped 2,223 laid-off enterprises find new jobs.336 needy people were helped to find employment;Supported 2,015 people to start businesses successfully, and 8,385 people were employed by starting businesses;The registered urban unemployment rate will be kept within 2.4 percent.In 2022, the district Human resources and Social Security Bureau will promote the connection between the reform of excellent services and the “sending policy”, further simplify procedures, optimize procedures, improve efficiency, and promote the standardization of human and social affairs services.We will promote social security and improve the quality and efficiency of services.The bureau implements service matters with standard acceptance, no difference handling, promote cross-department retirement “one thing” reform quickly fall to the ground, for the enterprise masses to provide more standardized, professional and humanized social services.At the same time, we rely on the “human Resources and Social Security bureau heads to visit enterprises”, “Spring Breeze Action” and other activities to help deliver policies to the door, realizing the transformation from “people seeking policy” to “policy seeking policy”, improving policy access rate, improving service quality and efficiency, and focusing on promoting the implementation of policies that benefit enterprises and the people.We will strengthen employment services and boost economic development.The bureau to implement the “six guarantee” task as an important starting point, continue to strengthen the overall coordination, in the expansion of channels, strong docking, promote stable post, protect the employment of continuous efforts, focus on building all kinds of professional recruitment platform according to the needs of enterprises, to provide labor and personnel services.We will continue to improve the mechanism for precisely matching talent supply and demand, strengthen support measures in housing and living, employment and entrepreneurship, and selective training, and implement the “CAI Hui Dantu” plan.We will address risks and improve the business environment.The bureau through the step by step implementation of the overall promotion of high-quality labor security system, from the rights protection services, daily supervision, rights and interests protection, law enforcement methods, law enforcement mechanism five organic components of the step by step implementation, overall promotion, enhance the investigation, prevention and resolve major unpaid risk consciousness and initiative.Zhou Feng, director of the Human resources and Social Security Bureau of Dantu District, said: “We will accelerate the establishment of an early warning mechanism for unpaid wages, realize the effective advance of law enforcement positions, and form a high-quality work pattern of ‘early detection, early prevention and small disposal’.At the same time, the arbitration Court will provide tailor-made services to enterprises through professional training and guidance on the construction of regulations, so as to boost their development, effectively improve harmonious labor relations and create a good business environment.”Spring comes early, forge ahead at the right time.Next, dantu district people club bureau to grasp the current social work new request, the full implementation of the huimin steady employment policy, broadening the employment channels, actively carry out online recruitment activity, increase investment in the people’s livelihood, promoting pension and other social insurance system covering DiBiao priority, priority to employment and people’s livelihood improvement, can development of fu, etc.,We will further improve the level of human and social security services, anchor targets, and push forward human and social undertakings with courage and determination.Li Yun Jiang Hua statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can 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