Before the spring cleaning, smart lock cleaning is also important!

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Today, with the increasing popularity of smart locks, many users have installed smart locks in their homes.The emergence of smart locks not only guards the security of the home, but also brings a lot of convenience to our daily life.However, as an intelligent product, the smart lock also needs us to “maintain” it in our daily life after it is installed.Intelligent lock is a durable product. If you do not pay attention to maintenance in the process of long-term use, it may affect its aesthetics and functionality.Before cleaning, we should first check the battery level. If the battery level is too low, or the smart lock is out of power, we should replace it in time.If the smart lock uses dry batteries, carefully observe the battery surface and battery compartment for leakage.If the battery leaks, remove the battery in time and wipe the battery compartment with a small amount of acid (such as household vinegar) dipped in a dry cotton towel or cotton swab, but do not wipe the battery compartment with wet paper towels or towels.After cleaning, it can be air-dried, let it dry in the sun for half an hour, and then put on a new battery to continue using.Fingerprint head as the most used parts in our daily life, after long-term use, it is likely to be contaminated with some dirt, affecting the identification accuracy and sensitivity of fingerprint head.At this time, only use a dry soft cloth to wipe gently. Note that it is a dry soft cloth. Dry can avoid dampness, and soft cloth can prevent scratching the fingerprint head, affecting identification.In addition, remember not to wipe the fingerprint head with corrosive liquid, to prevent the occurrence of fingerprint head failure.The panel of the intelligent lock is generally made of metal, such as aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, etc.This material may have the risk of scratching, erosion will damage the appearance of the panel maintenance layer, affect the beauty of the lock body.Therefore, when cleaning the smart lock panel, do not use hard objects such as steel balls or corrosive liquids on the panel. It is recommended that you wipe the panel with a dry soft cloth.Although it is to do a comprehensive cleaning of the smart lock, we only need to clean the surface of the smart lock, remember not to remove and clean the inside of the smart lock.Generally speaking, the internal structure of intelligent lock is more complex, such as non-professionals, easy to remove the lock body.If the smart lock in the use of problems, it is recommended to contact professional maintenance oh ~ (figure source network, delete) Keep smart lock clean, clean New Year today is the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month, the traditional custom is: “sweep the dust” ~ come together to do a thorough cleaning, cleaning, do not forget your smart lock oh ~