Angang TRT generating sets record annual power generation

2022-05-14 0 By

In 2021, the annual power generation capacity of THE TRT generator set of Angang’s Energy Control Center reached 723 million KWH, a record high.Angang Energy Management and Control Center has 8 sets of TRT (blast furnace gas surplus pressure turbine generator sets).In 2021, with the goal of “stable production and more power generation”, the center will actively respond to severe tests such as production limit, power limit, lightning fall and snowstorm, and continue to make efforts in improving TRT power generation and improving staff skills, with a number of indicators breaking the history.Under the special circumstances that no. 7 TRT generator set was shut down for nearly 3 months, the dust removal system of new No. 3 bf was changed from wet method to dry method, and the TRT unit was shut down for 3 months during overhaul and renovation, the monthly and annual total power generation record was refreshed respectively.In December, the TRT unit generated 71 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, a record for a single month.The annual TRT power generation increased by 18 million KWH year on year, creating an additional efficiency of 9.5 million yuan, providing strong support for Angang to increase the proportion of self-generated electricity and reduce the cost of outsourced energy.Source: Anshan All Media